XXII Master Class in Palestine on November 9, 2016

This master-class was organized within 15th Pan Arab Congress of Dermatology and Venereology, jointly with the 4th International Palestinian Congress Of Dermatology in Ramallah on November 9-10, 2016.

Congress Chairman Dr. Riad Mashal warmly welcomed all the participants of the joint event in the Holy Land, held under the patronage of H.E. Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine. He spoke on the new drugs and new concepts in the treatment of some common skin disorders.

Prof. Torello Lotti has delivered the keynote lecture on what's true and what's not in vitiligo, throughly reviewed the latest scientific and clinical advancements in pigmentary disorders, pathogenesis and comorbidities of vitiligo.

Prof. Yan Valle reinforced the message on the systemic nature of the disease, reviewed treatment protocols, summarized available treatment options, their efficacy and side-effects, with the patient perspective in mind.

Dr. Noufal Raboobe compared excimer laser and light devices efficacy following needling procedures in vitiligo, and complex cases involving psoriasis, eczema and alopecia aerata.

Prof. Andrew Finlay discussed a common discharge process from a dermatology clinic that has a major impact on treatment efficacy and overall patient's health, suggested a series of key practical tips and reviewed essential aspects of post-discharge treatment plan.

Prof. Evangeline Handog has touched upon a sensitive subject of skin whitening, media hype and misleading advertising. She reviewed key aspects of safety, efficacy and side effects of lightening agents. 

Master Class Vitiligo Palestine   November 2016   1

Master Class Vitiligo Palestine   November 2016   3

Prof. Torello Lotti presents a recognition plaque to the Congress President Dr. Riad Mashal.

Master Class Vitiligo Palestine   November 2016   2

Over 250 participants of the master class.

Master Class Vitiligo Palestine   November 2016   4

Prof. Torello Lotti talks about new systemic treatments in vitiligo.

Master Class Vitiligo Palestine   November 2016   5

Prof. Yan Valle is getting ready to speak about VR Foundation and vitiligo treatments.

Master Class Vitiligo Palestine   November 2016   7

Dr. Noufal Raboobe speaking about treatment of complicated cases.

Master Class Vitiligo Palestine   November 2016   8

A warm and relaxing atmosphere was created at the welcome dinner by congress organizers. 

Master Class Vitiligo Palestine   November 2016   6

Sunrise over the Holy Land. 

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