We are happy to announce birth of two new Vitiligo Support Groups GRAPE-SBD in Brazil:

  • Belo Horizonte City, coordinated by TÂNIA NELY ROCHA, MD (
  • Sao Paolo, coordinated by RIVELINO AIELLO RITTO, MD (

as a part of "GRAPE-SBD nas Redes Sociais": GRAPE-SBD into Social Networks project under coordination of VÂNIA LUCIA SIERVI MANSO, MD (


Definitely it doesn’t mean the fruit, at all !!!

“O Projeto Grupo de Apoio Permanente – Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia” or Permanent Supporting Group – Brazilian Dermatological Society Project is an institutional action suggested to the executive board of the SBD (Brazilian Dermatological Society) that gives all support to start it in 2013.

Says Prof. Denise Steiner, MD, President of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology: "Our main focus is on the patients with dermatological diseases with excluding and stigmatizing potential, such as: Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Leprosy, Alopecia Areata, Bullous Diseases, Skin Cancer, Atopia, Rosacea, Acne, and so on. The principal aim is to retrieve the patients self-steem and self-confidence and reinsert them in the society including in the professional and even familiar environment by means of educational health and psycho-emotional support. These actions are provided also to their relatives and who else demonstrate interest in these subjects."

Each group must be created and coordinated by a dermatologist who is associated to the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD.) It is stimulated to get a multiprofessional team with the participation of others medical specialities, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, nurses, nutrologists, physiologists, and even professionals of the humanitarian sciences.

There is a Specific Regiment to be follow and the group must have, at least, 1 meeting in a month and produce a summary of the activities for the general coordination.

"By now we have 15 GRAPE-SBD groups around the country: five in Psoriasis; two in Alopecia Areata; two in Vitiligo; two in Leprosy; two in Atopia; one in Skin Cancer; one in Acne, and many others are coming soon. We hope to support and improve, in a sustenance manner, their quality of life, together with the medical assistance follow up. As we said in the beginning it isn’t a fruit but we’re having an interesting harvest!" - concludes Denise.


Denise Steiner , MD - president – SBD
Gabriel Gontijo, MD – vice-president –SBD
Oswaldo Delfini Filho, MD – coordinator – Projeto GRAPE-SBD
Carlos A. S. Bastos, MD – vice-coordinator – Projeto GRAPE-SBD

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