VRF Presentations and Workshops

Throughout the year, the VRF has been delivering a series of workshops, lectures and presentations that focus very much on the seen and unseen challenges of the non-profit drug development for vitiligo and other neglected diseases.

Our most recent presentations are:

  • “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Expedited Drug Development For Vitiligo, a Neglected Autoimmune Disease” and
  • “Cloud Bank - a Disease-Specific EMR and Patient Registry for Expedited R&D” (Haikou, China; November 14-15, 2013)
  • “New Patient Engagement Tools for Pre-Clinical R&D and Medical Practice (Florence, Italy; November 10, 2013.)

CEO VR Foundation Yan Valle has provided the diverse audience with invaluable insights into the new trend of disease-specific non-profits actively engaged in drug discovery, their key drivers and day-to-day challenges. He was able to explain VRF’s low budget, multidisciplinary approach to the new therapy development for vitiligo. 

Yan also gave a realistic perspective on the new Patient Engagement Tools developed by the team, and also demonstrated that Vitiligo Cloud Bank can be to the benefit of both patients the dermatological practice.

The presentations and discussion sparked many questions – one very pertinent point about privacy and security of electronic health records. Yan has stressed out that VRF's anonymous database is by default more secure from leaks and data theft than traditional with key ID data points.

Much has been covered in 2013 and much will continue to be presented soon as VRF struggles to develop a therapy for vitiligo.

Patient Engagement Map   Integrated Biobanking   Yan Valle

Vrf Yan Valle Florence New Patient Engagement Tools

27th International Laser Florence Congress, Italy

Vrf Yan Valle China Vitiligo Cloud Bank

3rd Annual World Congress of MolMed -2013 in Haikou, China

Vrf Vitiligo Tbilisi Medical State University 1

4th Master Class on Vitiligo in Tbilisi, Georgia

Vrf In Kazakhstan Sep 2013 1

Presentation at the AGIUV in Almaty, Kazakhstan

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