VII Master Class in Istanbul, Turkey, November 21-23, 2014

Turkey’s largest city, stratling two continent, the unique and majestic city of Istanbul was the site of the 7th Masterclass on vitiligo and other pigmentary disorders, hosted by Congress President Prof. Sibel Alper. It was sponsored by the Vitiligo Research Foundation, the World Health Academy, and Florence Nightingale Hospital. The latter was named in honor of the founder of modern nursing, whose legendary aid to wounded soldiers during the Crimean War of 1853 to 1856 should be recalled with respect and admiration.

T.C. Bilim University Rector Professor Çavlan Çiftçi and Congress President Prof. Sibel Alper began the opening ceremony (Photo 2) with welcoming remarks followed by the awarding special memorial plaques to Torello M. Lotti and Robert A. Schwartz, and a stellar lecture by Prof. Lotti on vitiligo as a systemic disease. 

Robert A. Schwartz stressed anti-oxidant therapy for vitiligo, applauding the work of Davinder Parsad on gingko and Jim Harris on statins, the latter proudly funded in part by the VR Foundation. Esteemed participants included Torello Lotti (Italy), Davinder Parsad (India), Miroslava Kadurina (Bulgaria), Emel Erdal Çalıkoğlu (Turkey), Yan Valle (Canada), Murat Borlu (Turkey), Meltem Önder (Turkey), Igor Korobko (Russia), Brian W. Lee (USA), Paulo Cunha (Brazil), Ercan Arca (Turkey), Robert A. Schwartz (USA), Ilgen Ertam (Turkey), Erçin Özüntürk (Turkey) and Özlem Dicle (Turkey). Ercan Arca covered quality of life considerations for patients with vitiligo. Davinder Parsad delineated herbal therapy (Photo 3). Igor Korobko anticipated pigmentary therapeutic challenges. Murat Borlu articulated concerned about melasma and other hypermelanoses, with Emel Erdal Çalıkoğlu explaining their pathophysiology and Paulo Cunha analyzing treatment options. Meltem Önder extolled use of the excimer laser (Photo 5). Brian W. Lee defined phototherapy future prospects for 2015 (Photo 6). Yan Valle explained drug development realities and in a separate lecture the value of vitiligo cloud banking (Photo 7). 

There were a variety of practical presentations too, including on enzymatic peeling combination protocols with the Q Switch / Fractional laser by given by Burcu Yamangöktürk Solak and the treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions by the Limelight Enlighten Picosecond System and Nd:YAG Laser provided by Yasemin Koyuncu Saray (Photo 8).  Prof. Mira Kadurina MD, PhD, DSc, the Head of Department of Dermatology and Allergology of the Military Medical Academy welcomed participants to Sofia, Bulgaria on May 23-24, 2015 to the upcoming IX Masterclass (Photo 9). Congress President Prof. Sibel Alper received accolades from attendees and speakers alike, some of whom toured Istanbul (Photo 10).

Robert A. Schwartz MD, MPH
Newark, New Jersey

Davinder Parsad MD
Chandigarh, India

Download Report (published by Indian Journal of Dermatology Volume 60 Issue 3 May-June 2015) (PDF, 15Mb)

7th Vitiligo Master Class (1)

Photo 1.  Master Class registration by Prof. Torello Lotti

7th Vitiligo Master Class (0)

Photo 2. Congress President Sibel Alper welcomes participants

7th Vitiligo Master Class (2)

Photo 3. Prof. Davinder Parsad gives talk on herbal therapies.

7th Vitiligo Master Class (6)

Photo 4. T.C. Bilim University Rector Professor Çavlan Çiftçi and Congress President Prof. Sibel Alper give special accolade to Torello M. Lotti

7th Vitiligo Master Class (4)

Photo 5. Prof. Meltem Önder provides an enlightening lecture

7th Vitiligo Master Class (8)

Photo 6. Brian W. Lee represents America with an update on phototherapy

7th Vitiligo Master Class (5)

Photo 7. Yan Valle provides overview of vitiligo research mission

7th Vitiligo Master Class (9)

Photo 8. Practical demonstrations illuminated hands-on experience

7th Vitiligo Master Class (10)

Photo 9. Prof. Mira Kadurina MD, PhD, DSc discusses her upcoming IX Masterclass in Sofia schedule for May 2015.

7th Vitiligo Master Class (11)

Photo 10. Participants Brian W. Lee and Prof. Robert A. Schwartz at the Sultan Ahmed Blue Mosque

Where: İstanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital Conference Center, Istanbul, Turkey
When: November 22-23, 2014

Official website: (expired)

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