VIII Master Class and 2nd Pigment meeting in Amritsar, India


"Vitiligo: From Lab to Holistic Management: Bridging the Gap"

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8th Vitiligo Master Class (0)

Members of the Organizing Committee are lightning candles during the opening ceremony.

8th Vitiligo Master Class (1)

352 participants and speakers from 12 countries attended this 3-day event, skillfully managed by Prof. Davinder Parsad and his colleagues.

8th Vitiligo Master Class (2)

Professors Davinder Parsad and Torello Lotti (second, third from the left), among participants.

8th Vitiligo Master Class (3)

Dr. Igor Korobko, DSci, VRF Chief Scientific Director, presents thoughts on difficult to regiment cases.

8th Vitiligo Master Class (4) 

Dr. Yan Valle, VR Foundation CEO, explains features of Vitiligo Cloud Bank system. 

8th Vitiligo Master Class (6)

Participants were actively engaged in subject matter discussion. 

8th Vitiligo Master Class (5)

Recognition awards given to participants by Prof. Torello Lotti.


Golden Temple of Amritsar, a home to Sikhism’s holiest shrine.

Message from the President

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is a special privilege and pleasure to invite you to VIII Master Class in Vitiligo and Pigmentary disorders along with 2nd PIGMENT Meeting (Second Annual Meeting of Vitiligo Academy of India), to be held on November 28-30, 2014 at Hotel Raddison Blu, Amritsar.

Master Class in Vitiligo supported by Vitiligo Research Foundation are regularly organized all over the World and we will be striving hard to make this event an excellent academic feast. This meeting is also supported by World Health Academy and Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research. We plan to offer you a veritable scientific feast of expert speakers, practice-oriented and clinically relevant topics and a greater tilt towards delegate participation during the deliberations. There will be many consensus meetings, round table discussion and potential International Collaborative opportunities.

We are in the process of inviting International experts who are true pioneers in the this field to share with us their unique experiences and offer new perspectives. While ensuring that necessary scientific program will be kept on track, we will be daring to be different. We will be planning live workshop, hands on session and other innovative sessions which will feature series of special programs. This promises to be better than ever.

Looking forward to welcome you to this mega academic feast!

Prof. Parsad

Prof. Davinder Parsad, MD

Viii Master Class On Vitili

Location info

Amritsar (Punjabi: ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤਸਰ) historically also known as Rāmdāspur and colloquially as Ambarsar, since 1574. It is the largest and most important city of the Punjab state in India. It lies about 15 miles (25 km) east of the border with Pakistan.

Amritsar is the spiritual centre for the Sikh religion and the site of the Sikhs’ principal place of worship—the Harimandir, or Golden Temple. This important Sikh shrine attracts more visitors than the Taj Mahal with more than 100,000 visitors on week days alone. The 2011 Indian census reported the population of the city to be 1,132,761. 

Amritsar has a semiarid climate, typical of Northwestern India and experiences four seasons primarily: winter season (November to March) with temperature ranges from 4 °C (39 °F) to about 19 °C (66 °F), summer season (April to June) where temperatures can reach 45 °C (113 °F), monsoon season (July to September) and post-monsoon season (September to November).

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