Dsc06263As part of our Open Source Research concept, Master Classes give you the opportunity to learn about the latest vitiligo treatment techniques and tap into the knowledge of leading dermatologists, researchers, and executives from the VR Foundation.

Several times per year, we bring you important new topics to help you stay up to date with the best management practices in vitiligo and pigmentary disorders. Expert speakers discuss the latest basic concepts, advances, evidence and guidelines. An intensive two/three day program is designed to help increase your confidence in diagnosis, investigation and management of vitiligo and other pigment abnormalities. It also stimulates experiential learning and direct contact with key opinion leaders in the field of dermatology, genetics, molecular biology and immunology.

Upcoming Master Classes

  • Master Class on Vitiligo and Pigmentary Disorders in Pediatric Age in Rome, Italy (re-scheduled from September 2017 to 2018) 

Will be held alongside International Forum Of Pediatric Dermatology under the presidency of F. Arcangeli at Aula Magna, G.Marconi University, Odescalchi Palace in Rome.

  • Master Class on Vitiligo and Pigmentary Disorders in China (June, 2018)

Details will be available soon.

Past Master Classes

Vietnam Vitiligo Torello Lottiwas held alongside 3rd Indo China Dermatology Conference and the Annual Scientific Meeting Of Dermatology and Venereology of the VSDV, in collaboration with the World Health Academy Dermatology (WHAD). This tripartite program brought together world dermatology luminaries from twenty-one countries. Christian Diehl (Argentina) covered plant-derived therapies for vitiligo. Davinder Parsad (India) evinced recent advances in vitiligo treatment. VRF CEO Yan Valle brought United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) to the forefront with its declaration on the human rights of the disabled, prioritizing chronic dermatologic diseases.

Master Class Vitiligo Cuba 2017 3in collaboration with INDERCOS and Cuban Vitiligo Support and Research Group, under the leadership of Prof. Jorge Luis Pérez Hidalgo (Cuba). International and national expert speakers discussed the latest basic research, advances, evidence and guidelines on diagnosis, investigation and management of vitiligo and other pigment cell disorders. 

Forum League Arab Nations Egypt

A high profile meeting of representatives from the Egypt Ministry Of Health and other Arab countries, United Nations Committee On Economic And Social Development, World Health Organization and Vatican was organized by Prof. Dr. Aghareed El Gammal at the headquarters of the League Of Arab Nations. 

This Master Class was held 

Xx Master Class Vitiligo 2016 Screens 4

together with the 2nd Winter Consensus Conference On Dermatology. We have reviewed the progress during past four years since the first conference that was held in Kitzbuhel in 2012, the latest progress in vitiligo, and also dermatological disabilities, national reports on the quality of life in different countries. We discussed a common action at the United Nations for the benefit of all dermatological societies and set up new development goals and projects. 

Master Class Vitiligo Palestine   November 2016   4

This master-class was held alongside 15th Pan Arab Congress of Dermatology and Venereology, jointly with the 4th International Palestinian Congress Of Dermatology, under the presidency of Dr. Riad Mashal. We discussed the recent progress in vitiligo, systemic treatments, light therapies, needling, challenging cases and proper discharge process. 

Master Class Vitiligo Kazakhstan 2016 8

The Master Class program was geared towards building practical skills in modern vitiligo treatment techniques. Lectures of the basics of vitiligo treatments and and results of most recent clinical trials were given by Yan Valle and Igor Korobko. Dr. Aliya A. Kassumkhanova led the hands-on demonstrations and live surgical procedures. A first monograph on vitiligo treatments in Kazakh, Russian and English was presented at the conference. 

Xix Master Class On Vitiligo In Hyderabad 2016 0

This annual mas held together with 3rd PIGMENT Meeting under the joint leadership of Dr. Davinder Parsad, Dr. Sushil Tehaliani, Dr. A. Parthasarthy, Dr. SD Mehta. The theme of the program was "Deep Dive Into Vitiligo Research: Current Trends And Innovations".  International and Indian experts shared their unique experiences and discussed the latest trends in vitiligo research and care with 408 participants.

Master Class Vitiligo Moscow June 2016  7

A long-awaited return to Russia with a high-level scientific and clinical program on vitiligo after five years that passed since the previous symposium held in St. Petersburg. This event was held in conjunction with the XVI All-Russian Congress of Dermatovenereologists and Cosmetologists under the Chairmanship of Prof. Alexei Kubanov. Lectures for 144 participants were held in both English and Russian.

Master Class Vitiligo Manaus 2016 1Over 100 participants of XVII Master Class on Vitiligo in Manaus explored genetic risk factors in vitiligo, treatment approach to patients of pediatric and adult age, a variety of therapeutic options for vitiligo, including 'traditional medicines' of Amazon tribes. Presentations on melasma, actinic dermatoses and challenging clinical cases enhanced the intensive 1,5 day program. 
Vitiligo Master Class In Jakarta 2016 (2)

Over 70 participants from Indonesia and the region were drawn to the intensive program on pigmentary disorders. Different methods and devices aimed to treat vitiligo and other hypo pigmentation disease were discussed during this intense master class course. An introduction to biobanking provided basic plan and instructions on boosting vitiligo research.

Master Class Vitiligo New York 2015  1

This one-day intense conference MASTERS OF VITILIGO AND PIGMENTATION was attended by 64 doctors and students from Mount Sinai Hospital, and a number of vitiligo patients. Participants were trained to: (a) develop a paradigm by which to address the need for care for vitiligo patients based on clinical and systemic features, and (b) to utilize combination treatment approaches to improve outcomes in disorders of hypo/hyper pigmentation.

Master Class Vitiligo Israel 2015 1

A variety of talks, discussions, and demonstrations focused on vitiligo pathogenesis, disease management, Dead Sea climatotherapy, phototherapy and latest treatments in vitiligo were presented to over 160 participants from the region and CIS countries. 


Master Class Harbin 2015 5

Our 10th Master Class was held under the presidency of Professor Xing Hua Gao, MD, Chairman and Professor of Department of Dermatology, No.1 Hospital of China Medical University. European and Chinese guidelines were reviewed in fine detail. Unlike the straightforward European treatment approach, the Chinese consensus pay special attention to all factors that may influence the disease activity, treatment outcome and overall health and wellbeing of the patient.

Img 7630was held under the presidency of Professor Mira Kadurina, PhD. DSc., the Head of Department of Dermatology and Allergology of the Military Medical Academy. It became a key meeting for the latest achievements in the field of pigmentary disorders of the skin, such as: vitiligo, melasma, postinflammatory hyper- and hypopigmentations, poikoloderma, drug-induced hyperpigmentations, hereditary hypomelanosis, malignant cutaneous hypo- and hyperpigmentations, pigmented mosaicism. 

Master Class Kazakhstan 2015 9A new era of surgical management of vitiligo in Kazakhstan and the whole region just begun. The aim of this  Master-Class was to hold practical demonstration sessions where attendees had an opportunity to learn and share best practice in complicated vitiligo microsurgery and transplantation cases, and general vitiligo management. Prof. Davinder Parsad (India) have demonstrated the most advanced melanocyte transplantation techniques. 

Master Class Tehran May 2015

The "First International Vitiligo Master Class in Iran" was undoubtedly a great educational and social success under the unrivalled presidency of Professor Fariba Ghalamkarpour, with more than 250 participants registered and actively participated in the event. All participants perceived that a solid bridge was created to connect academic research and teaching, which offers excellent international opportunities to meet and to discuss and eventually to harmonise the new therapeutic options for all vitiligo sufferers.

Img 7542

A dedicated course on innovative vitiligo therapies, organized in collaboration with Croatian Dermatovenerological Society of the Croatian Medical Association, Croatian Vitiligo Association and World Health Academy, under the presidency of Prof. Mirna Šitum. Rescheduled from Fall 2014. Nearly 100 doctors from across the Balkan region spend a weekend with us to learn the best practices in vitiligo management. An excellent presentation of Vitiligo Treatment Guidelines was offered by Prof. Andrija Stanimirovic, Vice-president of the Master Class and President of Croatian Vitiligo Association.

8th Vitiligo Master Class (0)Our 8th Master Class was held along with CUTICON 2014, Regional Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL). This time, themed "Vitiligo: From Lab to Holistic Management: Bridging the Gap" and located in Amritsar, a home to Sikhism’s holiest shrine, - the spectacular Golden Temple. Master-class President and keynote speaker Prof. Davinder Parsad have gathered together  veritable scientific feast of expert speakers, practice-oriented and clinically relevant topics and a greater tilt towards delegate participation during the deliberations.

7th Vitiligo Master Class (3)This meeting under the chairmanship of Prof. Sibel Alper offered colleagues from across the world an ideal environment to learn about recent advances, future developments and prospective research opportunities, and to exchange ideas and experiences in the field of pigmentary disorders. There were a variety of practical presentations too, including treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions. Prof. Mira Kadurina welcomed participants to IX Vitiligo Masterclass and Summer Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 23-24, 2015 >>>

V Master Class Vitiligo (1)In one of the beautiful halls of the Asfendiarov Kazakh National Medical University the first part of the Fifth Master Class on Vitiligo took place, followed by the second part at the Regional General Hospital in Shymkent, the capital of the most southern province of the country. The meeting brought together 215 participants representing the next generation of academic researchers, physicians, pediatricians and dermatologists from across Kazakhstan, and highlighted the significance of vitiligo in dermatology and its treatment options. Participants have explored the challenges of vitiligo and new vitiligo treatments for four full days. 

Vrf Vitiligo Professor Nino Tsiskarishvili 1

Around fifty-five dermatologists from three countries participated in the IV Master Class on Vitiligo, held at the Tbilisi State Medical University in collaboration with Georgian Vitiligo Support Group under the Chairmanship of Professor Nino Tsiskarishvili, MD on November 8-9, 2013. The unique format of our Master Class program is designed to ignite change in vitiligo treatment paradigm by providing a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience by knowledge experts to help physicians gain new skills in a participatory and interactive setting.

Master Class em Vitiligo e Doenças Pigmentares - BRASIL - 2013. Our commitment is to offer participants the chance to access the most recent advances in the treatment of vitiligo and other pigmentary disorders. We have gathered together renowned Brazilian and international dermatologists, who shared their knowledge with 220+ participants.

Read the welcome message from Master Class President Prof. Paulo R. Cunha and a brief report » » »

Vitiligo and Pigmentary Disorders in Shenyang, ChinaThe 2012 International VRF-China Masterclass on Vitiligo and pigmentary disorders was held in the historic former Manchu capital of Shenyang, in northeastern China, on November 16-18, 2012. This symposium is a globally significant meeting on vitiligo which this year brought together dermatology experts from around the world to share the latest research and techniques for treating vitiligo. The conference was generously hosted by China Medical University and sponsored by the Vitiligo Research Foundation (VRF), China Medical University (CMU), and the Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology.

The Master Class was held in Barcelona, Spain, was opened by Prof. Torello Lotti, then delegated to participants from national dermatological associations. The master class was fac ilitated by Prof. Jana Hercogova, the President-Elect of the EADV, who introduced materials to guide the discussions and encouraged interaction between delegates to discuss issues and ideas. 

Vitiligo Workshops and Sessions

At VRF Research workshops, a small number of leading scientists, including Nobel Laureates, each operating in different but related areas, come together for a few days in informal settings. Workshop participants represent different disciplines spanning from immunology to bio-informatics, which need to be integrated in order to move forward in vitiligo research. Drawing on these differences in research backgrounds, VRF workshops are full of surprising conclusions and they can produce some inspiring ideas.

The advanced vitiligo technology summit was held in Zheng Zhou (China), superbly organised by Mr. Ye, the President of the China Vitiligo Hospitals. Over 150 experts attended the mixed format of the Summit with lectures and following group discussions in a specially designed educational area. Renowned professors, practitioners, equipment and therapy developers shared their expertise in the field. Key lectures introduced low dose cytokine therapy and phototherapy equipment for home use.

In December 2012, 35 physicians, scientists and vitiligo advocates gathered in Kitzbuhel, Austria, to exchange the latest discoveries about vitiligo and build partnerships with colleagues from across the world. Researchers came from 16 institutions in 11 different countries, including – for the first time – two Nobel Laureates. Speakers discussed new, unpublished data spanning the gamut from immunology to genomics to clinical trials. 

Vitiligo World SympoisumThe Symposium was a first public appearance of the VR Foundation since formal inception. Cutting edge scientific program was brilliantly presented by leading researchers, and was well received by the audience with a record-breaking attendance of over 400 people

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