Master Class in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on October 25-26, 2013

The speakers have tailored their presentations to show the factors affecting vitiligo onset and progression, whilst addressing in detail specific vitiligo therapies.

Says Yan Valle, CEO, “As a speaker, I was impressed by two things. The first was the calibre and diversity of speakers. To bring together a group of top dermatologists in one place, each with a common theme, but each with a different view, is a challenge. The second was the way the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, chaired by Prof. Denise Steiner, and Master-Class President Prof. Paulo Cunha had found a way to organize this event, and to attract hard working doctors for learning in vitiligo. The sessions and event were immaculately choreographed, the participants were more than engaged, and the environment was fun. Well done to the BSD team!”

Dr. Igor Korobko has given two planned presentations and one additional, for Prof. Davinder Parsad who was held back by the unforeseen circumstances in India. "What a great event this Master class was. First class speakers and such an exciting mix of practitioners from across the country and Latin America. Sao Paolo was a very good introduction to highly interactive, practical sessions to come in Chandigarh next year," says Igor.

At the III Master Class we had the opportunity to take a step back and think about the educational programs and materials, and how to improve our communication with patients. One of the most beneficial aspects to us as a company has been the level of interaction between VRF, the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, the speakers, and the participants.

Sbd Announcement

Jornal Do SBD - № 4 Julho / Agosto 2013 announcement (link)

Vitiligo Master Class Brazil Vrf 2013 (1)

Bem-Vindos a Master Class em Vitiligo e Doenças Pigmentares!

Img 0302   2013 10 25 At 12 28 29

Prof. Denise Steiner, MD,  President of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (left) welcomes participants.

Img 4898

Prof. Paulo Cunha, MD, President of the III Master Class on Vitiligo and Pigmentary Diseases.

Vitiligo Master Class Brazil Vrf 2013 (2 1)

A captive audience from across Brazil and Latin America.

Yan Valle Vr Foundation Brazil Master Class 2013

CEO VRF Yan Valle presents Foundation's mission, approach and results.

Img 0578   2013 10 25 At 16 51 37

Prof. Torello Lotti, MD, delivers an excellent overview of state of affairs in vitiligo.

Vitiligo Master Class Brazil Vrf 2013 Igor Korobko (5)

Dr. Igor Korobko, Chief Scientific Director, presents the latest in vitiligo research.

Img 4902

Prof. Robert A. Schwartz captured full attention of the audience with an emotional talk.

Img 4911

Synchronous translation was very helpful for many practitioners.

Yan Valle, Igor Korobko, Torello Lotti ( 1)

At the coffee break.

Vitiligo Master Class Brazil Vrf 2013 (3)

Img 0550   2013 10 25 At 16 13 53

Outstanding presenters and organizers of the event.

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Special thanks to Mr. Paulo Diniz for providing some excellent photos.

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