Association Francaise du Vitiligo annual meeting

Board members, staff and over 100 supporters of the Association Française du Vitiligo gathered in Paris for an annual meeting on April 5, 2014. During this year’s meeting, the AFV President Mr. Jean-Marie Meurant, an exemplary leader of the vitiligo patient association was re-elected for another term, and new Board members were elected.

Presentations by the European leaders in vitiligo research and partners in cosmetics for vitiligo patients covered a range of topics, from melanocyte-keratinocyte adhesion to psychological support and make-up. In a brief speech VRF CEO Yan Valle has noted this excellent opportunity to establish closer ties between our organizations for the benefit of global vitiligo community, and explored basic aspects of the non-profit drug development for vitiligo.

Afv Vitiligo Meeting 2014 Jean Marie Meurant (1)

AFV President Mr. Jean-Marie Meurant presents annual report.

Yan Valle Afv Meeting 2014

VRF CEO Yan Valle speaks on the non-profit drug development for vitiligo.

Afv Vitiligo Meeting 2014 (2)

AFV Annual Meeting audience engaged in Q&A session.

Afv Vitiligo Meeting 2014 (3)

A range of cover-up products for vitiligo skin was presented during the cocktail break.

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