E-book "Vitiligo: What's new, What's true"

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Editors try to find answers to three main questions:

  • Vitiligo, who are you?
  • How do we treat Vitiligo?
  • Quo Vadis, Vitiligo?

Read pre-release interview with Professor Torello Lotti, the ebook co-editor and mastermind, at the World Health Academy website (external link)

Why a new e-book on Vitiligo? Vitiligo is still a stigmatizing and enigmatic spectrum of disorders in
which too much contradictory data and too many hypotheses are still confusing the scientific community and patients who are seeking for the cure or at least a satisfactory treatment.

In the new e-book on vitiligo an extensive range of therapeutic options from across the globe is discussed: topical steroids, ultraviolet light, vitamins, pigment-cell grafts, tissue-engineered skin, alternative treatments, cosmetic cover-ups and much more.

A strength of the electronic format is that it allows fast updates on scientific breakthroughs, front-line therapeutic solutions, new drugs. This book will serve as a useful resource for patients, practitioners and researchers interested in this neglected disease.


SECTION 1. The Vitiligo: history, analysis, pathology and treatments

Chapter 1. Prof. Donatella Lippi - Domizia Weber, PhD History of vitiligo
Chapter 2. Xuejun Zhang, MD - Min Gao, MD Vitiligo: genetics
Chapter 3. D. Parsad - R. Kumar Melanocyte functions and anatomy
Chapter 4. Giulia Bottai Estrogens and melanocyte biology
Chapter 5. Fabrizio Guarneri Molecular mimicry: a new way to understand vitiligo?
Chapter 6. Silvia Moretti - Roberta Colucci The Melanocyte - Keratinocyte interaction
Chapter 7. Prof. Milos Nikolic - Danijela Dobrosavljevic Vitiligo: immunologic data and speculations
Chapter 8. Libero Santarpia - Giulia Bottai - Salvatore Benvenga - Fabrizio Guarneri Vitiligo and cancer: what’s new in oncological research on melanocytes
Chapter 9. Claudia Fiorillo - Victoria Barygina Vitiligo: biochemical clues
Chapter 10. Stefano Pallanti The psycho-neuro-immune-endocrine system in vitiligo
Chapter 11. F. Lotti - G. Forti - M. Maggi Vitiligo and endocrine disorders
Chapter 12. Prof. Giovanni Pellacani - Marco Ardigo - Mariana Carvalho Costa In vivo reflectanceconfocalmicroscopy in vitiligo
Chapter 13. Igor V. Korobko Vitiligo: lessons from and for melanoma
Chapter 14. Shyam Verma - Resham Vasani Vitiligo: differential diagnosis with other hypopigmentary disorders

SECTION 2. Treatments of vitiligo and different approach to the vitiligo patient

Chapter 15. Antonio Salafia Management of vitiligo
Chapter 16. Augustin Alomar How to face vitiligo treatment
Chapter 17. Dr. Thurakkal Salim Vitiligo: general and personal surgical approach
Chapter 18. Mukta Sachdev Vitiligo
Chapter 19. Mark Lebwohl - Fanni Hegedus How we treat vitiligo
Chapter 20. Waldemar Placek - Czanita Cieścińska - Rafał Czajkowski - Krystyna Romańska-Gocka How we treat vitiligo
Chapter 21. Torello Lotti - Gionata Buggiani - Dionigi Tsampau How we treat vitiligo: novel and selected concepts
Chapter 22. Rafael Falabella - Maria I Barona Surgical treatment of vitiligo. A 30 year experience
Chapter 23. Thomas Hunziker - Alain Limat Vitiligo therapy using autologous cells from the outer root sheath of plucked hair follicles
Chapter 24. Uwe Wollina Vitiligo – How I treat it
Chapter 25. Ahmed Al-Issa - Sanjeev Mulekar The vitiligo clinic: structure, tools and management
Chapter 26. Dr Jaishree Saarad Cover-ups. The view of the cosmetologist and Cover-ups. The view of the dermatologist
Chapter 27. Demetris Ioannides - Christina Fotiadou Halo nevus

Vitiligo: clinically related diseases

Chapter 28. Fabrizio Guarneri - Mario Vaccaro Alezzandrini’s Syndrome
Chapter 29. Fabrizio Guarneri - Pasquale Aragona - Mario Vaccaro Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome
Chapter 30. Vedrana Bulat - Mirna Šitum - Josip Ježovita Idiopatich guttate hypomelanosis
Chapter 31. Todeva Violina Piebaldism

SECTION 3. Social and medical aspects of vitiligo in the different regions of the world

Chapter 32. Viktoria Eleftheriadou Research into vitiligo: current situation and future directions focusing on Western Europe
Chapter 33. Stefano di Provvido - Luciano Mavilia Vitiligo in Italy
Chapter 34. Dr Sally O’Shea - Prof. Sarah Rogers Vitiligo in Ireland: problems and perspectives
Chapter 35. Istvan Juhasz Vitiligo in Hungary: problems and perspectives
Chapter 36. Sibel Alper - Bengu Gerceker Turk A vitiligo in Turkey: problems and perspectives
Chapter 37. Yan Valle Vitiligo in Russia
Chapter 38. Dr. A.A. Kassymkhanova - G.K. Askarova - G.B. Nurmagambetova Vitiligo in Kazakhstan. New approaches in UV therapy for vitiligo treatment
Chapter 39. Prof. Fariba Ghalamakarpour Vitiligo in Iran: problems and perspectives
Chapter 40. Brian W. Lee - Robert A. Schwartz Vitiligo in the USA: problems and perspectives
Chapter 41. Paulo Cunha - Marcella Ledo - Alda Maria Galvão A vitiligo in Brazil: problems and perspectives
Chapter 42. Ms. Maduewesi Vitiligo in Africa: problems and perspectives
Chapter 43. Dr. Noufal Raboobee Vitiligo in South Africa: problems and perspectives
Chapter 44. Prof. C.R. Srinivas - Prof. B.S. Pai Vitiligo in India. Problems and perspectives
Chapter 45. Antonio Salafia The therapy and management of vitiligo in India
Chapter 46. Evangeline B. Handog - Maria Juliet E. Macarayo - Ma. Teresita G. Gabriel Vitiligo: a six-year experience in a tertiary hospital in the Philippines, 2006-2012
Chapter 47. Kyoung-Chan Park - Soon-Hyo Kwon - Jung-Im Na Vitiligo: problems and perspectives in South Korea
Chapter 48. Xing-Hua Gao - Hong-Duo Chen - Rui-Qun Qi - Uwesu Omari Mchepange Vitiligo in China

© 2013 WHA Publisher – World Health Academy, Zurich, Switzerland / Vitiligo Research Foundation, New York, USA

ISBN: 978-88-908402-1-0

Pages: 690

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