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Tech In Media 2013 forum participants in Moscow have shared their vision on the future of education, innovations, IT and biotech. TechCrunch’s “Editor At Large” Mike Butcher was talking about the enormous sea-change in tech startups that is sweeping across the Central and Eastern European region. RIA Nauka's (Russian News Agency for Science) Chief Editor Andrey Reznichenko was focused on the qualities that make a true journalist in the modern era. Among many, other notable guests included business development director Gulmara Zifarovna from RVC (state-backed Russian Venture Company), Sergey Ambrosov, CEO of one of the world's largest laboratories InVitro. VRF's CEO Yan Valle has discussed the economics of the non-profit drug discovery and networked biobanking.

Live presentation (link)

Yan Valle Vr Foundation Moscow Ria Novosti

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