Vi-Tee Fundraiser

VR Foundation hopes to turn a basic fashion element — the T-shirt — into a charitable work of art. Beginning today, we invite everyone to enter a competition to design "The Vi-Tee." Winner will receive ten customized T-shirts, not to mention the satisfaction of seeing one thousand people wearing her or his artwork.

Tvoe Logo Vrf FundraiserThe Vi-Tee represents our first fundraiser, and we hope to repeat the competition each year. It is modeled on similar programs at other non-profit foundations that raise thousands of dollars annually. TVOE, the leading Russian fashion apparel producer with 500+ stores across the nation, has generously donated 1,500 to-be-customized T-shirts for this fundraiser contest.

A thousand of T-shirts featuring the winning design will be sold online for $15 plus shipping and handling. Five hundred customized T-ees will be sent to various vitiligo support groups and activists for the World Vitiligo Day 2014 campaign, free of charge. The Executive Committee will select the winner by March 1st, and T-shirts will go on sale in May.

UPDATE March 11, 2014: The Vi-Tee contest finalists.

UPDATE March 18, 2014: Winner announced!

Read about last year's T-Shirt Challenge here >

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I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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