Art-project in vitiligo by Stephanie Corne

The Vitiligo Research Foundation is dedicated to supporting researchers in the search for a cure for vitiligo, and is equally dedicated to educational awareness. As part of its patient advocacy and awareness campaign, the VRF is delighted to announce that, on World Vitiligo Day (June 25) Stephanie Corne, a French American artist living in New York City, will be creating portraits of people with vitiligo with a photographer at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. This project has a wider significance for the Vitiligo Research Foundation in that VRF founder Dmitri Aksenov, is actively involved with visual art as co-owner of the Austrian contemporary art fair, Vienna Fair.

Originally from Paris, Stephanie Corne is an artist, muralist and set designer, who has been working with the best in the industry for the past 20 years. This year, she is lending her unique talents to vitiligo awareness by undertaking an exciting new project called “Facemotions” that aims to bring out the unique beauty of each subject.

“My work as an artist is to challenge the concept of beauty. With this project, I am conveying inner feelings on the face. As a painter I see a person with vitiligo as someone with an incredible landscape on which emotion can be uniquely expressed. My goal is to show, both to the person whose portrait is taken, and to the viewer, that faces with feelings openly and starkly expressed can show us what makes us all human and makes us all the same. Art is a tool for healing as well. Someone who develops a skin condition has to deal with social stigma and more, and this is my way, as an artist, of contributing to social and self-acceptance.”

Stephanie invites anyone who is comfortable with having a small portion of their face or neck painted, to come along and have his or her portrait done, express a feeling, a mood, and to have a good time. The pictures will be part of an exhibition along with portraits of people with other skin conditions such as albinism, scars, burns and anyone who just wants to express a feeling in front of the camera. There is no age limit.

Stephanie Corne Vitiligo Art 1

Stephanie Corne Vitiligo Art 2

Stephanie Corne Vitiligo Art 4

Stephanie Corne Vitiligo Art 3

For more details, visit Stephanie's website

Update February 10, 2014: Vitiligans are invited to take part in an art project

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