World Vitiligo Day Kenya 2013

Watch YouTube videos from K24 shared with us by Vitiligo Society of Kenya:


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Photos from the World Vitiligo Day :

Members And Friends Of Visoke Having A Round Table Talk.

Members and friends of VISOKE having a round table talk.

Wvd Celebrations 2013 At K Ipepeo Hotel In Nairobi.Far Right Is A Micropigmentologist,Mr Henry.

WVD celebrations 2013 at KIpepeo Hotel in Nairobi. Far right is a micropigmentologist, Mr. Henry James Laban, founder and Executive Director at VISOKE.

Standing,Wachuka Njoroge,Immunologist,Lecturer At Kenyatta University.

Standing, Wachuka Njoroge, immunologist, Lecturer at Kenyatta University.

The Director Giving His Speech During The 2013 Wvd Celebrations.

The Director giving his speech during the 2013 WVD celebrations.

This Is Vitiligo!!!!Not Witchcraft.Vitiligo Society Of Kenya(Visoke) 2013 Wvd Celebrations.

This is vitiligo!!!!not witchcraft.Vitiligo Society of Kenya (VISOKE) 2013 WVD celebrations.

 Visoke Friends And Members During 2013 Wvd Celebrations Held At Kipepeo Hotel.

VISOKE friends and members during 2013 WVD celebrations held at Kipepeo Hotel.

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I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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