VITFriends Vitiligo Support Group

Patient support, counseling and care in MA-CT-NY


VITFriends is a network of friends with a mission to raise public awareness and offer education about vitiligo. We are a diverse group of individuals united by a common skin condition. We were created to be a resource and a social network for individual with the condition known as vitiligo. We support the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

The self-help community of VITFriends provides hope and helps in learning to live with vitiligo. You are not just left to handle things on your own. Newly diagnosed can benefit from the experience of those who have been living with vitiligo for years. In collaboration with VR Foundation, we help one another to find best possible therapy and also assist living with the illness, - well and happy. 

Our Motto: Our Sharing - Caring Hands.

Our Board:
  • Valarie Molyneaux, President/CEO 
  • Patricia Ann Rossy, Vice President VITFriends-Boston, 
  • MA: Barbara Hamilton VITFriends-New York, 
  • NY: Patricia (Hunnee) Mills VITFriends-New York, 
  • NY: Shazaad Games VITFriends-Hartford, 
  • CT: Millicent Meadows

Our contacts:

Toll FREE: 844-374-3639 (844-FRI-ENDZ)

VITFriends a registered non-profit 501c(3) organization.

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