Crowdfunding announcement

As with other non-profit organizations, the VR Foundation always received far more applications than it has funds to support. Even if a project fits within our funding criteria and priorities of the VRF, the Foundation may still be unable to provide a grant.

In response to this situation, we launched a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign because we see it as an great opportunity to raise much-needed funds to meet the needs of vitiligo researchers around the world. Crowdfunding is being used successfully to generate funding for various projects and start-ups that are too small for a bank loan but too large for a personal credit card. In the US, charities use this mechanism to generate lots of money for all kinds of social projects.

We had little time and little experience in building our crowdfunding platform. While still under development, the platform is already very agile and interactive. We use a flexible funding model so that researchers would be guaranteed to receive whatever we had raised before a set date. We will charge a nominal fee of 1% for administration and project management, and 99% of all funds collected will go into the project.

We understand that sometimes other vitiligo non-profit organizations may seek extra funding, too, and we believe no one should have to do it alone. Contact us and we’ll help you raise funds for your projects.

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I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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