Vitiligo Advanced Technology Summit

The 2015 Vitiligo Advanced Technology Summit was held on May 23, 2015 in Zheng Zhou (China), superbly organised by Mr.Ye, the President of the China Vitiligo Hospitals. Over 150 experts attended the Summit which was successfully organised in the mixed format of a main lecture and following group discussions in a specially designed educational area.

The Summit was preceded by and followed by a guided tour of the innovative China Vitiligo Hospital in Zheng Zhou. The Hospital was highly appreciated for its unique design and the special and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and the extraordinarily efficacious therapeutic approaches which are available.  The medical, surgical and nursery staff appeared to comply with the highest international standards.

Experts of renowned fame in the field were present at the different events of the Summit were the newest SIGMA Phototherapy Devices were presented. The novel treatments presented included the GUNA Low Dose Oral treatment of Vitiligo with Cytokines and Growth Factors (IL-10 , IL-4 and bFGF).

The Summit was introduced by the main lecture "International Advanced News in Vitiligo Treatment" delivered by Prof. Torello Lotti, Chair of the Board of Vitiligo Research Foundation and Chairman of the Dermatology and Regenerative Medicine Centre at the Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome, Italy. After the main lecture, group discussions were facilitated by international and national experts.

The social programme was concluded with a fabulous traditional dinner in the beautiful city of Zheng Zhou.

Congratulations to Mr Ye and his team for organising such an amazing 2015 educational and social international event in China which resulted in an unrivalled success in the panorama of the Vitiligo educational offer of the year.

Reported by Prof. Torello Lotti

Vitiligo Summit China 2015 3

Vitiligo Summit China 2015 1

Prof. Torello Lotti, Chair of the Board of VR Foundation and Mr. Ye, the President of the China Vitiligo Hospitals.

Vitiligo Summit China 2015 4

Over 150 experts attended the Vitiligo Advanced Technology Summit.

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