VRF - VSI Collaboration Discussed at the AAD

Yan Valle, VR Foundation CEO and Jackie Gardner, Executive Director of Vitiligo Support International, have discussed the current state of vitiligo affairs and collaboration at the AAD Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Vitiligo patients, physicians, researchers all need better outcomes. Getting to better outcomes doesn’t necessarily mean better drugs, but rather it means better patient-centered measures to enhance research and treatment. Outcomes measures don’t take into account all aspects of vitiligo, they need distinguishing which treatments and doctors add extra value. While there has been dramatic progress in vitiligo research, gaps remain. Key questions include the ability to predict who will develop vitiligo, and the ability to predict which patients will respond to which therapies.

Vitiligo non-treatment, under-treatment, and treatment dissatisfaction remain a significant problem in the United States and worldwide. Setting a clear target, like percent of re-pigmentation as a result of the treatment, seems like a simple task, but the reality is far more complex. Multiple stakeholders in vitiligo — patients, doctors, researchers, and insurance companies — all have their own goals, priorities, and questions of interest. VR Foundation and VSI will continue bridging mutual interests and enhance collaboration in order to achieve better outcomes in vitiligo.

Yan Valle Jackie Gardner Aad Meeting 2015

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