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We are delighted to announce the publication of our two e-books: “A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo” and “Vitiligo: A Step-By-Step Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment And Prophylaxis.” It’s an attempt to consolidate all the scattered scientific evidence, clinical observations and treatment strategies into a single point of reference written for both patients and doctors.

E-book versions will be available for purchase through Amazon, B&N, and other online retailers, or through our global network of distributors in mid-November. The hard copy will be available in due course. For further information or placing a pre-order for these two books, please simply send us email with your request.


Ebook Cover (Small)This book is a collection of protocols and tips regarding how to diagnose, treat and follow-up with vitiligo patients. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who studies or treats this disease. Each chapter features the experiences and opinions of vitiligo specialists from across the world – scientists, doctors and academics with vast experience and knowledge, who are all recognized as leaders in their field. This is not a consensus or generalized approach, but rather a practical, step-by-step guide. 

Everything in this book has a solid scientific background and has been tried, tested and refined in private practice or public hospitals. Inside, you will find sections on vitiligo health record management and analysis, diagnosis, treatments, topical and systemic therapies, micro-surgery solutions, phototherapy, heliotherapy, supplements and prophylaxis.


  • Chapter 1. How I Manage Vitiligo. Richard Wittal (Australia)
  • Chapter 2. Diagnosis and Treatment in Vitiligo Clinic, Zagreb. Andrija Stanimirović 
  • Chapter 3. Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Related Peptides as a Basis for Treating Vitiligo. Ramaiah Abburi (India)
  • Chapter 4. Data-intensive Approaches in Clinical Management of Vitiligo. Lipi Thukral and Rajesh S.Gokhale (India)
  • Chapter 5. Surgical Management and Immunomodulators in Vitiligo Treatment. Bela J. Shah, Darshan R. Karia, Sonal Tibrewal (India)
  • Chapter 6. Immunomodulators in Vitiligo Treatment: Heading Towards A Real Cure. Mitesh Dwivedi, Naresh C. Laddha, Rasheedunnisa Begum, Prasant Kumar, R. Krishnamurthy, Bela J. Shah (India)
  • Chapter 7. Climatotherapy for Vitiligo at the Dead Sea. Marco Harari, Andrija Stanimirović and Maja Kovačević (Israel)
  • Chapter 8. The Use of Low Dose Cytokines and Growth Factors in Vitiligo. Torello Lotti (Italy)
  • Chapter 9. Vitiligo Treatment: Complex Therapy with NB-UVB and Salt Bath. Prophylaxis Of Vitiligo Recurrence. Aliya A. Kassymkhanova (Kazakhstan)
  • Chapter 10. The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo. Audrey VanStockum (USA)

ISBN 978-1-3706001-6-8. 252 pages with color illustrations. $14.99


Vitiligo Tips CoverThis book is best described as a practical guide to vitiligo. I’m going to cut through all the clutter surrounding vitiligo, debunk some common myths, and reveal what you really need to know to understand and manage your condition.

The book contains the hidden truth about vitiligo and its connection with other diseases, common household items, daily stress and environmental factors. What every parent of a child with vitiligo needs to know. How to make sense of the range of treatment options available and to decide whether to treat it or not. When to begin treatment and what to expect. How to correct common treatment mistakes. How to choose proper dietary supplements and lifestyle options for lasting results.

A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo is for patients and their parents who want to be able to communicate clearly with physicians and be confident about available treatment options. Each of eighty five bite-sized chapters recounts a conversation or situation that I have been a part of as CEO of VR Foundation. Real-life examples are used to illustrate different vitiligo treatment scenarios, which you can discuss further with your doctor.

It's easy to read over a weekend, yet it is extensively referenced to encourage a deeper investigation into the subject, if necessary.

Yan Valle



  • About The Book And Its Structure 
  • Where I Come From
  • Why I Wrote This Book And Why You Should Read It

- - - BODY - - -

PART ONE. Hiding In Plain Sight
  • Spotlight On Vitiligo
  • Flaws Are Beautiful
  • Invisible People
PART TWO. Vitiligo Explained
  • The Crux Of The Problem
  • Bad And Good News
  • Elusive Melanocytes
  • Unpredictable Course
  • Dealing The Gene Cards
PART THREE. Diagnosing Vitiligo.
  • A Two-Faced Deity
  • First Signs Of Vitiligo
  • Vitiligo Or Leukoderma?
  • Diagnostic Tools 
  • Medical History And Examination
  • Wood’s Lamp
  • Blood Tests
  • Skin Biopsy

- - - ENVIRONMENT - - -

PART FOUR. Dangerous Factors And Products
  • Why The Hell Has Nobody Told Me This Before?
  • Stress Is The Most Common Trigger
  • Chemical Triggers In the Pool
  • Dangerous Products In Your Home
  • Temporary Tattoo, Permanent Damage
  • Snow White Syndrome
PART FIVE. The Problem With Drug Development
  • Why Is There Still No Cure For Vitiligo?
  • Crossing The Valley Of Death
  • Drug Money Trail
  • Poor Animal Models
PART SIX. The Publishing Dilemma
  • The Oasis Is Shrinking
  • Protect The Source
  • Predators And Their Prey

- - - TREATMENTS - - -

PART SEVEN. Consider All Odds
  • Emoji As Skin Phototypes
  • Decoding Medical Jargon 
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • To Treat Or Not To Treat?
  • Activity, Location, Time And Compliance
PART EIGHT. Treatment Tools
  • Vitiligo Score
  • Lights Up!
  • ABC’s Of UV
  • PUVA: Photochemotherapy
  • Narrowband UVB:
  • Getting The Right UVB Dose
  • Managing Over and Under-Dose
  • UVB Treatment Duration
  • Targeted Phototherapy
  • Home-Based Phototherapy 
  • Contra-Indications And Side Effects
  • Follow-Up After Phototherapy
PART NINE. Restoring Pigmentation
  • One, Two, Three – Go!
  • First Line Treatments: Stuff On The Skin
  • Second Line Treatments: Light And Medicines 
  • Third Line Treatments: Surgical Methods
  • Between The Lines: An Experimental Zone
  • Terra Incognita: Placenta Extracts
  • Complementary Medicines
  • A Necessary Word Of Caution
  • Traditional Healers
  • Traditional Medicines Of Latin America
  • Polipodium leukotomos
  • Pyrostegia venusta
  • Traditional Medicines Of India
  • Traditional Medicines Of China
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Vitamins And Diet
  • A Double-Edged Sword
  • Organic vs Western Diet
  • Gluten-Free Diet 
  • Climatotherapy
  • Vacation For Vitiligo
  • Home Resort
PART TEN. Camouflage
  • Makeup From A Male Perspective 
  • Cosmetic Camouflage 
  • Traditional Preparations: Fast And Cheap
  • Dihydroxyacetone: Slow, Safe And Lasting
  • Medical Makeup: Perfect But Costly
  • Tattoos
PART ELEVEN. Depigmentation
  • Fight Fire With Fire 
  • Depigmentation Agents 
  • Ether of hydroquinone: MBEH and MMEH
  • Phenol solution: experience required
  • Laser: costly but effective
PART TWELVE. Wrapping Up
  • Catch-22: Break The Vicious Cycle
  • Avoid Known Chemical Triggers 
  • Start Treatment Promptly
  • Supplement Your Whole Body, Not Just Your Skin
  • Next Steps


ISBN 978-1-7751651-0-1. 90 pages with color illustrations. $14.99


The book you are about to read is comprised of three sections: Body, Environment, and Treatments. Of course, there is tremendous overlap across the sections, as they are interdependent. In fact, you could think of the three as a tripod, upon which any treatment is balanced. One needs all three to have any sustainable success in treating vitiligo - or indeed any other condition. 

However, this book should be enjoyable to read. So don’t suffer through the chapters that deal with numbers if you hate math, or with weird names if you hate chemistry. Feel free to skip anything that doesn’t grab you and come back to it later. If you decide to flip past something, note it, and return to it later. This is how you learn from rather than simply digest information. There is a value in the latter, but I hope you’ll be actively involved in your skin health management. 

I believe that information without emotion isn’t retained. If this book were all facts and figures, you’d remember very little. That’s why I’ve included an ample amount of personal stories and notes, conversations or situations that I was a part of during the past seven years as CEO of VR Foundation. Real-life examples are used to illustrate different vitiligo treatment scenarios, which you can discuss further with your doctor.

Why I Wrote This Book and Why You Should Read It

Long before I became CEO of the non-profit Vitiligo Research Foundation, I was reading scientific papers, books and pamphlets to discover more about the stubborn white patches on my skin. 

They first appeared on the site of traumas, very common in soccer playing kids like me, when I was five or six. When I was 15, new traumas - this time from martial arts practice and shaving - led to more patches. A PUVA therapy prescribed by a dermatologist made me feel sick after three or four sessions, and I had to stop treatment, with no other option in sight. 

I stockpiled hundreds of publications on my desk - no e-books back then - only to become increasingly depressed by antagonistic facts and opinions. It took me over a decade to get on top of it all and catch up on the latest developments in the field.

VR Foundation – now known as VRF – started in late 2010. Back then, we assumed that by pouring money into research we’d discover a silver bullet and vitiligo would be cured. I soon realized it was not going to happen that way. There was much work to do. 

So, with support from the VRF Board of Directors, we laid down a solid foundation for other researchers to rely upon and use to build up their programs. A networked biobank was set-up and linked to a centralized bio-informatics system, built specifically for vitiligo research. Grants were provided to leading specialists in five countries. 

I have also spent 462 days on the road to date, traveling 1,281,332 miles between 92 cities to talk to hundreds of the world’s brightest minds - from shamans in the jungle to Big Pharma CEOs. I kept in touch with eleven laboratories around the world to collect clinical data, and dug deeper into vitiligo and possible cures.

Sharing this information hasn’t been an easy task. VRF has embraced an open source concept, which means anyone can use the data, information and knowledge we are collecting. During my years at VRF, we have published 72 quarterly reviews, and contributed to 39 scientific papers and four monographs by prominent vitiligo researchers. 

Through a series of master-classes and workshops, we have met with 3,583 doctors - who are now abler to treat their vitiligo patients. We openly share the best practices in vitiligo management, drawn from all over the world – from the Amazon rainforest to the Dead Sea, to the Himalayas. Yet, this doesn’t feel enough when I talk to vitiligo patients and their caregivers, whose minds are cluttered like a bowl of noodles.

Today, medicine is not separate from money. The marketing power of social media, celebs, bloggers and pharmaceutical companies undeniably influences our decision making. I am certain that very few doctors would prostitute themselves for profit, unlike the legions of online vendors and producers of food supplements and cosmeceuticals. Countless self-help books and videos on the Internet promise ‘fast cure for vitiligo, guaranteed’. This rubbish has worsened skin conditions for the many who, like myself many years ago, have tried these snake oil cures.
Facebook adds to the confusion through mindless link sharing, so that stories of miraculous cures circulate the web. Homeopaths are ready to medicate with their secretive compositions, while experimental treatments are highlighted by respectable media outlets way before they should be.

So, to cut through this mass of information, I have written this book. It’s an attempt to consolidate all the scattered scientific evidence, clinical observations and treatment strategies into a single point of reference. My writing is based on hundreds of peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals, work in progress, and countless meetings with specialists. 

On this journey through a maze of facts and myths, we’ll pause to understand medical jargon and decipher cryptic communications from your doctor. Using the knowledge in this book, you will be able to give your doctor vital information about yourself, to better help him or her offer the therapy you need.

Of course, every doctor makes mistakes in diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes, vitiligo symptoms do not readily suggest a clear solution. Other times, there is a range of possible treatments and no single therapy is clearly superior to the others. Doctors and nurses are not infallible, especially in a neglected disease like vitiligo. So, we’ll review some of the most common mistakes, and how they can be corrected. 

I hope this book gives you a solid foundation for your exploration of the vitiligo world. It was written for the layman, though I believe physicians and caregivers will find it useful, too. It's easy to read over a weekend, yet it is extensively referenced to encourage a deeper investigation into the subject, if necessary. 

So settle in, grab some coffee, and get ready to explore the weird, complicated disease called vitiligo.

Yan Valle


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I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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