Overview of vitiligo research July - September 2015


  • Reviews & Comments 
  • Disease Management And Clinical Features
  • Epidemiology
  • Comorbidities 
  • Quality of life (QoL)
  • Vitiligo triggers 
  • Case reports
  • Understanding mechanisms of vitiligo pathogenesis
  • Genetic studies 
  • Candidate biomarkers 
  • Mechanisms of treatments 
  • Methodological advancements 
  • Novel treatment modalities
  • Clinical studies and trials

This is a review of research results in the vitiligo field which were indexed in the PubMed database for the period from July 2015 till September 2015. Abstracts of papers were retrieved from the PubMed database using the search term “vitiligo” with a filter set up to retrieve records with creation date between July 01, 2015 and September 30, 2015. Retrieved records were manually checked for a relevance to and significance for the field of vitiligo research. Fifty three records were found to be relevant and of interest, and were included in this quarterly overview.

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