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Researchers Stop Vitiligo Progression. New hope for millions worldwide

Data released on May 24, 2013 from our preclinical study of a Pharmsyntez drug, sold under the trademark Neovir, has shown positive results in arresting vitiligo lesion progression in 73.3 percent of patients with an active form of vitiligo.


Dr. Igor Korobko, Chief Scientific Director of the non-profit Vitiligo Research Foundation, has reported a major breakthrough in vitiligo therapy development at the 10th EADV Spring Symposium in Krakow, Poland. Read more »»»


Research Study Abstract »»»


Download presentation from our website (pdf, 2.44 MB) or see it online via SlideShare (external link)



Dr. Igor Korobko, PhD, DSci, has presented the results of early clinical trials

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Neovir For Vitiligo Treatment 24 05 2013

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