II Vitiligo Master Class, China (2012)

Vrf Master Class China 2012 (3)Updated on January 25, 2013: official report by ISD Journal

The 2012 International VRF-China Masterclass on Vitiligo and pigmentary disorders was held in the historic former Manchu capital of Shenyang, in northeastern China, on November 16-18, 2012. This symposium is a globally significant meeting on vitiligo which this year brought together dermatology experts from around the world to share the latest research and techniques for treating vitiligo. The conference was generously hosted by China Medical University and sponsored by the Vitiligo Research Foundation (VRF), China Medical University (CMU), and the Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology. 

Vrf Master Class China 2012 Xing Hua GaoCongress President Prof. Xing-Hua Gao was ably assisted by Honorary Presidents Prof. Hong-Duo Chen, Prof. Torello M. Lotti (Italy) and CMU President Zhao Qun together with an enthusiastic and an energetic group of participating faculty members and young physicians, in bringing together a highly successful event.

The Master-class was opened by a welcoming address from Prof. Hong-Duo Chen and an introduction by the VRF Chief Executive Officer Yan Valle (Canada) describing the VRF as a charitable organization dedicated to promoting awareness and finding a cure for vitiligo. A huge amount of information was exchanged with presentations given by experts from around the world.

To briefly summarize; Prof. Jian-Zhong Zhang (Beijing), President of the Chinese Society of Dermatology gave a lecture on vitiligo epidemiology in specific regions of China. Prof. Andy Goran from the United States made a presentation on next generation phototherapy. Prof. Jana Hercogová (Czech Republic) expounded on the medical treatment of melasma and other hypermelanoses. Prof. Tian-Wen Gao (Xi’an) talked about phototherapy for vitiligo patients and Prof. Torello M. Lotti (Italy) discussed combination therapy for vitiligo.

Vrf Master Class China 2012 (4)Prof. Hong guang Lu (Guiyang) provided an overview of melanin pigmentation in different races as well as in in vitiligo. Prof. Yuan-Hong Li (Shenyang) was able to provide information about promising results when treating melasma using fractional ruby laser and Rina Wu (Hohhot), Chairman of the Chinese Society of Inner Mongolia Institute of Dermatology, also provided valuable insights into vitiligo. Prof. Robert A. Schwartz (USA) gave an address that was mainly focused on anti-oxidant therapy for vitiligo and he especially observed that the gingko is China’s national tree and a rich source of anti-oxidants. Prof. Schwartz was also awarded the title of Honorary Professor of China Medical University by University President Prof. Zhang Cun.

Vrf Master Class China 2012 Yan ValleAt the conclusion of the symposium the announcement of a VR Foundation special grant of 50,000 USD for vitiligo research based in China was also made by the Prof. Xing-Hua Gao. The focus of the grant is on achieving new breakthroughs in research into the causes of vitiligo and into finding new treatment modes.

For more details, please visit the official site (a new browser window will open) or download the MVPD program

Read the welcome note from CEO Yan Valle: "VR Foundation: opportunities for grants and partnerships in vitiligo." The special grant program to support vitiligo research in China was announced at the MVPD.

2012 International VRF-China Master Class

Fig. 1. 2012 International VRF-China Master Class

Welcome dinner for participants

Fig. 2. Welcome dinner for participants

 Plenary Hall

Fig. 3. Plenary Hall

Prof. Robert A. Schwartz during presentation

Fig. 4. Prof. Robert A. Schwartz during presentation

Fig 1. Xing Hua Gao

Fig. 5. Prof. Xing Hua Gao is making a Special Grant Announcement

Fig 2 Group

Fig. 6. Speakers and Participants of the Master Class

For more detailed information about speakers please go here.

Download Grant Announcement or Vitiligo Q&A in Chinese

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