• Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration between Patients’ Organisations, Healthcare Professionals and the Pharmaceutical Industry (2014)
  • WMA Declaration of Helsinki - Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects (2013)
  • IAPO Healthcare Industry Partners Framework (2012)
  • IFPMA Code of Practice (established in 1981; last revision 2012) code-of-practice.html
  • ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses (2012)
  • WMA Statement Concerning the Relationships b/w Physicians and Commercial Enterprises (2009)
  • EFPIA Code Of Practice On Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organizations. Initially approved in 2007 and amended by decision of the General Assembly in June 2011
  • ICN Position Statement: Informed Patients (2008) position_statements/E06_Informed_Patients.pdf
  • FIP/WHO Developing pharmacy practice – a focus on patient care (2006); Chapter II-3: Information management and the use of evidence.
  • ICN Position Statement: Nurse Industry Relations (2006) position_statements/E09_Nurse_Industry_Relations.pdf
  • IAPO Organizational Values (2005) IAPO7s0Organizational0Values.pdf
  • FIP Statement on Professional Standards – Code of Ethics for Pharmacists (2004)
  • WHO Ethical Criteria for Medicinal Drug Promotion (1985)
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