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Vitiligo: Questions and Answers

Patient Questionnaire (self-reported) 

By taking a little time to fill in this questionnaire, you can help us find a cure for vitiligo. Your responses will be part of the clinical data we are gathering for future research projects.

Grant Forms

Two steps are generally required in the application process. First, the applicant should submit a free-form, brief Letter of Inquiry. If invited to submit a formal proposal, the applicant should submit a full Application Form.

Vitiligo Biobank & Clinic

At the VR Foundation we have put forward a clear vision for the standardization of vitiligo medical records, clinical data points and biosample collection procedures. 

World Vitiligo Day Toolkit



Older materials, lectures, poster presentations and videos are available for download via SlideShare.

Governing Documents

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I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

To download this free file, please tell us a little bit about yourself.