CSD Resignation

The VR Foundation Board of Directors today announced the resignation of Igor Korobko, PhD, DSci, who has served as Chief Scientific Director of the organization since it's inception. Dr. Korobko had informed the Board he intended to resign and focus on his academic career at the end of 2016. And he felt that moving up his resignation date to after the AAD Congress in early March of 2017 would allow VRF to complete the ongoing projects and to facilitate VRF’s continuing focus on its broader mission.

Igor Korobko

While the Board has the utmost regard for Dr. Korobko’s skills, professionalism and integrity, it accepted his resignation. The Board expressed its gratitude to Dr. Korobko for his unparalleled service as the Chief Scientific Director. 

Among the many accomplishments of VRF under his scientific leadership was the development, in 2011, of the first comprehensive Vitiligo Electronic Health Record and Vitiligo Biobank Network, the translation of science into clinical interventions and drug repurposing, and regular Quarterly Reports. “We are grateful for Dr. Korobko’s distinguished tenure and numerous contributions,” the Board said. “Our non-profit organization has been very fortunate to have Dr. Korobko as Chief Scientific Director for so many years, and we wish him well.” 

Dr. Korobko will continue his academic research as a Deputy Director and Head of the lab at the Institute of Gene Biology in Moscow, Russia. The Board will appoint a successor to the Chief Scientific Director in the near future.

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