New Phototherapy Devices for Home and Clinic Use

If you’ve been our reader for any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about home-based phototherapy many times, and for good reason. It’s the best option available for most vitiligo patients, alone or in combination with topical treatments. A number of new devices for clinic- and home-based phototherapy were presented at the annual AAD congress and expo held in San Diego earlier this month.

A solid state UVB machine Pallas from LaserOptek based in South Korea is ideal for a busy dermatologist’s office. Its low maintenance head with stable spectrum and in compact form are key selling points.

A compact 308 nm Excimer laser from Kernel is positioned for home use, but it is still very expensive and requires qualified personnel to handle it. Another product, a portable - powered by a rechargeable battery - UVB lamp is a better alternative for home use. It can download your doctor’s prescription from your phone through an app or via flash card, and make simple instructions for proper use. Priced near $600 (depending whether you buy online or through a distributor).

A CE-certified, compact 308 Excimer laser system is also offered by the Chinese company Peninsula, with a larger - 16 - area of treatment. Retail cost of $1,500 includes shipping and 1-year warranty.

A local start-up company, Clarify Medical has brought to the AAD expo its new handheld UVB device and mobile app smart enough to guide patients through the treatments and monitor for under/over dose, record before/after photos, and send reports back to dermatologist - thus effectively eliminating need for in-person visits. Smaller than Kernel’s therefore more discreet and convenient. Patients can actually take it on the road and never miss - or have an excuse to do so - an appointment. Priced at $999, mostly reimbursable by the insurance in the United States.

This isn’t a comprehensive review of all and other UVB manufacturers deserve attention. Hopefully, I gave you a starting point to explore home phototherapy options on your own. Even though I don’t like to play favorites, I would say Clarify Medical’s device is easily the best option for home use in 2018.

For the record, VRF is not paid to plug in and promote any of these devices.

Yan Valle,

CEO VR Foundation

Aad Congress 1

Annual congress of the American Academy of Dermatology was held in San Diego earlier this month.

Vitiligo Phototherapy 1

A solid-state UVB phototherapy system Pallas from LaserOptek (South Korea)

Vitiligo Phototherapy 2

308 nm Excimer laser from Kernel (China)

Vitiligo Phototherapy 3

Portable NB-UVB lamp from Kernel (China)

Vitiligo Phototherapy 5

Portable NB-UVB lamp and mobile app from Clarify Medical (USA)

Vitiligo Phototherapy 4

308 nm Excimer laser from Peninsula (China)

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