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October 29, 2016

Hi All!

As winter approaches, here’s your latest batch of news from VR Foundation.

And with winter, so too comes the flu season. If you feel a cold coming on, it’s pointless to reach for the vitamin C tablets. Study after study has concluded that vitamin C won’t do anything for you. Many vitiligo patients actually say they are more resilient to colds and flu than others, which is one advantage of a hyperactive immune system, but getting a flu shot can still be a good idea.

Warning SignBut, if you are confined to your home by a bug, consider the effect your environment is having on your vitiligo. Worryingly, our homes are stuffed with products known to be potent triggers for vitiligo, yet bear no warning labels. I’m addressing this subject in a chapter of my upcoming book, but in the meantime try exploring the Household Products Database to find out the potential health effects of 16,000 consumer brands. It could change your shopping habits forever.

I’m going to suggest some other reading matter as, just like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces of the vitiligo pathogenome are finally beginning to fit together. This is detailed in the latest edition of Nature Genetics, where Prof. Richard Spritz et al present results of the latest genome-wide study. Be warned, you may need a PhD in molecular biology or similar to enjoy reading this!

AshleyBut here’s something everyone can read, enjoy and be inspired by – the story of Ashely Soto – a former cheerleader who, after years of hiding away and being bullied about her vitiligo, has taken to Instagram to celebrate her body.

Next, some advice from yours truly – as many of you are asking what I use for my own vitiligo. Well, over the summer I was taking Polipodium Leucotomas as a food supplement. It helps protect skin from damage caused by sun. In the fall, I’ve switched to Gingko Biloba with vipocentine for antioxidant protection; it’s also reputed to improve memory and brain function. If you are of an experimental mindset, try these - I don’t think you’ll be disappointed (but talk to you doc first, as always).

RomeI must remind you about the combined XX Master Class on Vitiligo and 2nd Winter Consensus Conference in Rome on December 4th, where the theme is ‘Working Towards Common Action At The United Nations’. The Winter Consensus only takes place every four years and brings together vitiligo experts from across the world, so is well worth attending. Registration is free (for that reason we can’t sponsor speakers) and I invite you to join us and decide upon the future of the vitiligo community. Check out the preliminary program here.

Is there anything particular you’d like to see covered in the newsletter? Or a theme you’d like to read more – or less - about? If so, please let me know – I’d love to hear from you.

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With my best wishes.


Yan Valle

PS – As I alluded to earlier, I’m writing a book. It’s called "The No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo" and will be followed by "10 Protocols For Vitiligo Practitioners" from the best clinicians in the field. If you’d like to read these before the official publication, let me know and I’ll put your name on the pre-release list.

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