Vitiligo Working Group meeting in Orlando

VWG held a traditional annual meeting the day prior to the American Academy of Dermatology Conference in Orlando on March 2, 2017. We enjoyed the record breaking attendance by dermatologists, scientists, industry representatives and patient support groups today. 

Program (pdf)

 Abstract Session Program
  • Welcome, GVF Co-Chairs, Iltefat Hamzavi/Vicki Tiahrt
  • Suction blistering of vitiligo lesional skin provides insight into disease pathogenesis as well as biomarkers of disease activity, John Harris
  • A comparative study between transplantation of autologus non- cultured epidermal cell suspension vs transplantation of autologus non-cultued epidermal cell suspension and cultered dermal cells in combination - A novel method in stable vitiligo, Davinder Parsad
  • VGICC Rome San Gallicano Institute workshop “Outcome measurement instruments”: preliminary results and roadmap, Alain Taieb
  • Responsiveness of the Vitiligo Sxtent Score (VES) to vitiligo changes and the need for a VESplus to access repigmentation, Nanja van Geel
  • Immunohistopathological characterization of confetti-like lesions in patients with vitiligo, Juana Irma Garza Chapa
  • Twenty-year follow-up using a postal survey of childhood vitiligo treated with narrowband ultraviolet-B phototherapy, Marcel Bekkenk
  • Large scale transcriptome sequencing reveal melanocytic and microenvironmental clues to vitiligo pathogenesis, Youwen Zhou
  • CXCL9 levels in active vitiligo lesions decrease with treatment, Jorge Hinojosa
  • Influence of race, ethnicity, acculturation, gender, and age of onset on quality of life in patients with vitiligo, Ella Koppelaar Miller
  • Break / Poster Review
  • Q & A / Committees / Outcomes Discussion Closing remarks, Pearl Grimes

Vitiligo Working Group Meeting  1

Registration desk

Vitiligo Working Group Meeting Orlando 2017

The record-setting attendance

Vitiligo Working Group Meeting Orlando 2017

After lunch for members of support groups from Boston, Detroit and New York

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