#VRF Hands

Below is the final result of our very first Hands Project for the Vitiligo Research Foundation. This new project officially kicked off on August 1st and ran throughout the entire month on our social media channels of Instagram and Facebook. 

In order to participate we had our followers either tag us in a picture on social media of their Vitiligo showing on their hands, or simply email us a picture to Sandra Reese, our awesome Social Media Manager. We were lucky enough to have received images from all around the world making this project diverse and simply unique. 

Our social media buzz dramatically increased last month because of this project and we encouraged our followers to use the hashtag #VRFHands when posting a picture of their effected hands. The goal of the #VRFHands project was to not only showcase Vitiligo in a fun and creative way, but to also show others with Vitiligo that they are not alone. 

Seeing all of the hands together in one powerful image represents a strong community and solid support; two things the Vitiligo Research Foundation stands for. After collecting all the photographs, we compiled them into an image that you can see here below or on our Facebook page. 

We are getting ready more interactive projects through our social media channels so be sure to like the Vitiligo Research Foundation on Facebook and @vrfoundation_ on Instagram! Thank you to everyone who participated in order to make this possible! #InOurSkinWeWin

Vr Foundation Hands Project 2016 Web

image description

I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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