World Vitiligo Day 2015 in Canada

Farha biking across Canada for vitiligo awareness.

"Crossing Canada on 8 000km (4970mi) from West to East is a personal challenge, and I want to take this opportunity to raise awareness about vitiligo and encourage the scientific research. I will start on May 16th 2015.

It has been 22 years that I have vitiligo. This is a skin disease that has no efficient treatment so far. It is a depigmentation that can lead to important social or psychological distress, sunburn, inflammation of the iris (iritis) for instance. More information need to be spread."


World Vitiligo Day 2015 Canada

Farha Biking For Vitiligo 2015

Farha Biking For Vitiligo 2015 2

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I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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