World Vitiligo Day 2015 in Ghana

The first WVD activity in Ghana was the pre-walk in Keta in the Volta region of Ghana, on the 24th of June, by Honya Enam and a tutor at keta nursing and midwifery college, Sir Addai Peter Asamoah.

25th of June of every year had been recognised as the WORLD VITILIGO DAY (WVD). On 25th June 2015, Ghana marked this day in Accra Ghana. The world VITILIGO day was recognised in Accra to create awareness about vitiligo and also to eradicate the stigma attached to vitiligo. We had media interviews and walk. 

With the help of my assistant coordinator and ambassador of vitiligo support group Ghana, Enam Honya, we graced the morning with a TV interview on Tv3 a popular Watch "NewDay - Discussing Vitiligo Day in Ghana -25/6…" on YouTube - NewDay - Discussing Vitiligo Day in Ghana -25/6…: ( Even though we had a short time, we did our possible best to send the message across.

We took to the streets of Accra, after the TV interview to continue the awareness walk by word of mouth. Not much surprising we were gathered around by men and women, young and old and asking all sort of questions about VITILIGO. We did or possible best to answer their doubt and questions, in it all we had fun by educating people. 

On Sunday which was the 28th of June, we had another interview at Viasat1 TV studios in Labone, a suburb of Accra. The link to the interview - TV station across Ghana Watch "Vitiligo patients share their experience with Anita Erskine - The One Show" on YouTube -( We continued to throw more light on vitiligo and it's acceptance in society.

In it all, the WORLD VITILIGO DAY in Ghana was very FRUITFUL. We had some challenges with funding and voluntary works, we still managed to do our best.

All these were made possible by kind courtesy of:
  • Enam Honya- Ambassador Vitiligo support group Ghana. 
  • Wendy Laryea- News Anchor 
  • Denise - a Relative of Enam and a Volunteer
  • Chantelle - producer of the one show at viasat1

Report on World Vitiligo Day 2015 IN GHANA

Compiled By Love Afezuke's


With Support and huge assistance of Honya Enam Vitiligo Ambassador and assistant Coordinator VITSAF Vitiligo Support Group, Ghana the Keta, upper Volta region.

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I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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