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CloudBank is the first bio-IT system and Electronic Health Record developed specifically for vitiligo. It allows patients to register anonymously online, record symptoms and treatment outcomes. Doctors can securely communicate with patients, monitor disease progression and evaluate outcomes, in order to get better treatment results. Researchers can analyze aggregated data sets for clues that may lead to a better understanding of the disease and ultimately develop a cure for vitiligo.

The main purpose of Vitiligo CloudBank is to collect enough data on vitiligo to make it visible and to motivate researchers and bio-pharma industry to work on it. 

From a research standpoint, CloudBank is a bio-informatics system that serves as a platform for integrating anonymous data from health records, biobanks and laboratories. It condenses large volumes of research-quality data, enabling investigators to analyze multiple profiles, treatments and lab results. The anonymous information in this database allows scientists to research the causes of vitiligo, recognize the most effective existing treatments, and helps them design clinical trials for potential therapies. 

This portal looks much like an electronic health record, but the similarities end there. Traditional electronic health record systems are designed to manage clinical data and to help optimize insurance company billing, but they are not useful in advancing medical research, particularly in the case of under-investigated diseases such as vitiligo.

The CloudBank is compliant with HIPAA and Meaningful Use Level 1 requirements. The CloudBank service is free for all academic vitiligo researchers and vitiligo patients, sponsored by the VRF.

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I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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