Vitiligo World Symposium

The Research Workshop in St.Petersburg was a first public appearance of the VR Foundation since formal inception. Level of support to the formerly unknown Foundation from top scientific minds and key media person was previously unthinkable and exceeds all expectations. General public attendance was 3x times than expected (almost 400 people vs. 150 people anticipated), twice the capacity of the conference room, and by far the biggest event during 4-day Congress.

Cutting edge scientific program was brilliantly presented by leading researchers, and was well received by the audience despite translation irregularities. The preceding Scientific Breakfast has laid down the roadmap for consensus on vitiligo research. Our booth was often overcrowded with practitioners hungry for information, education and immediate solutions. Dozens of practitioners and researchers from Russia / CIS inquired about participation in the Cloud MRM project. Some desperate vitiligo patients were forwarded to appropriate specialists. This level of international exposure is critically important for the Foundation, which aims to become an authoritative center on vitiligo research, to expedite research and to build bridges between isolated research groups and vitiligo patients.

The full program is provided here below. Videos are available on

Prof.Lotti Interviewed By Russia Tv

Professor Lotti is being interviewed by the TV Channel RUSSIA

Conference Room

Conference room.

President Vrf Mr. Dmitry Aksenov Opens  Symposium

VRF's President Mr. Aksenov opens the Vitiligo World Symposium.

Prof. Jana Hercogova And Prof. Robert Schwartz

Prof. Jana Hercogova, Prof. Robert Schwartz, Dr. Antonio Salafia, Prof. Andreas Katsambas

Ceo Sys Com Mr. Prem Couture Presents Cloud Mrm

CEO Cyscom Mr. Prem Couture presents Cloud MRM

Closing Notes From Ceo Vrf Mr. Yan Valle

CEO VRF Mr. Yan Valle. Closing Remarks.

At The Booth

Daily at the booth.

Vitinomics Discussion

Turning White Book Presentation

Grant Award Program

Our Team

Our Support Team.


Thursday, July 7th, 2011
St. Petersburg, Russia

Basic science

President: Prof. S.R. Mercuri
Chairs: Prof. T. Lotti (IT), Prof. K. Wolff (AU), Prof. A. Kubanov (RU)

1. Mr. Lee Thomas - 4x Emmy Award Winner (US): Patient´s point of view
2. Prof. Torello Lotti (IT): Physiology and patophysiology of melanocyte
3. Mr. Andy Goren – President, DermaGenoma (US): Genetic Dermatology: Scientific Discovery to Clinical Utility
4. Prof. Jacek Szepietowski (PO): Immunology of vitiligo
5. Prof. Konstantin Lomonosov (RU): Virus participation in vitiligo pathogenesis
6. Dr. Andrei Tatarenko (RU): Oxidative stress and review of biochemical findings in a group of Vitiligo patients

14:00-14:30 coffee break. Complimentary drinks and sandwiches at self-serve area.

Clinical aspects

President: Prof. S.R. Mercuri
Chairs: Prof. J. Hercogova (CZ), Dr. M. Tharp (US), Prof. R. Schwartz (US)

1. Prof. George Tiplica (RO): Clinical classification
2. Dr. Michael Tharp (US): Comorbidities
3. Prof. Karin Shallreuter (UK): From the bench to the bed side. Treatment of vitiligo with combined climatotherapy at the Dead Sea - 10 years experience
4. Prof. Robert Schwartz (US): Critical review on medical treatments
5. Prof. Andreas Katsambas (GR): Phototherapy
6. Mr. Prem Couture - CEO, Syscom (UK): The Cloud Medical Research and Management computer system
7. Prof. Jana Hercogova (CZ): Closing remarks
8. Mr. Yan Valle, Executive Director VRF (CA): VR Foundation grant awards

22.00-24.00 Sightseeing boat trip: Channels and White nights of St.Petersburg

July 6th - 9th, 2011

Daily at the booth:

- Cloud Medical Research and Management System: Presentation, Test and Pre-registration
- Book “Vitiligo” by Prof. J. Hercogova and Prof. T. Lotti, edition 2011: Presentation and pre-order
- Book “Turning White: A Memoir of Change” by Mr. Lee Thomas: Presentation
- VITINOMICS.NET: Creating Synergy For Expedited Research

Complimentary drinks at 4.30 pm

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