Research Funding

VRF-funded research grants provide up to $50,000 annually for the equipment, material and salary components of a research project. A variety of research grants are funded each year to support translational research and clinical studies that will benefit the vitiligo community at large.


General Call For Research Proposals 2017 is now CLOSED. However, if you believe that you have a research concept or a product that match the VRF's focus and aims, please send us a brief Letter of Inquiry. There are NO application deadlines for inquiries, which are generally reviewed within two weeks upon receipt via email.

Your Letter of Inquiry must be short and succinct, and quickly tell us whether or not we want to know more about your proposal. If it is determined from the Letter of Inquiry that the request meets the Foundation’s priorities and interests, the applicant will be provided with the further instructions required to prepare and submit a formal Grant Application.


VR Foundation supports pre-competitive collaborative and independent research. Strategy and Goals


Applicants may propose a standalone or co-sponsored research using these guidelines and forms:

General Application Process

Research Grant Agreement (pdf)

Research Grant Application Form  (doc)

International teams are welcome. Submissions must meet all VRF eligibility and application requirements for consideration.


All applications will be reviewed and ranked by the VRF Scientific Advisory Board, on a highly competitive basis. Committee members avoid evaluating applications from institutions with which they are associated, or where there may be a real or perceived conflict of interest.


VR Foundation is committed to complying with the anti-corruption laws in all countries in which it finances projects or otherwise participates. Learn about our Commitment to Global Compliance


As with other non-profit organizations, the VR Foundation always received far more applications than it has funds to support. Even if a project fits within the criteria and priorities of the VRF, and a detailed assessment has been made, the Foundation may still be unable to provide a grant.

For more information, please visit our FUNDING FAQ page or email us at

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