Research Model

Open Source 

We are dedicated to Open Source Research – this means all our data and information is freely available to you.

This collaborative research environment includes the following resources:

  • BIOBANK – We facilitate and finance the collection of hair, blood, serum and DNA samples, integrated with comprehensive clinical records, which forms the Vitiligo BioBank. As a researcher, we can arrange access to the samples for you, which are stored by VRF partners across the globe.
  • CLOUDBANK – If you’re a patient, the Vitiligo CloudBank allows you to monitor your condition and treatment progression using a variety of tools – the information you supply is then collected and stored anonymously. If you’re a researcher, you can access this data to aid your work.
  • MASTER CLASSES – Our Master Classes are held throughout the world, giving doctors and researchers access to educational workshops that share the latest vitiligo research findings and treatment best practices.
  • WORLD VITILIGO MAP - This interactive global map helps you locate vitiligo research centers, patient support groups and healthcare providers experienced in treating vitiligo.
  • WORLD VITILIGO DAY - On June 25th each year, helps to increase awareness of vitiligo and raise funds for research, support and education. You can tap into the power and prestige of this event to help your own vitiligo support initiative.
  • PUBLICATIONS – We publish a quarterly review of new vitiligo papers, giving you a quick and easy way to catch up on all the latest research and thinking from across the globe. You can also access e-books, sample patient and biobank records, and a vitiligo Q&A on this page.

The Numbers

Img 2150 W 1

These are the latest figures for the records and datasets you can access through our open resource research concept. The figures are updated on a regular basis.

Number of biosamples available across the Vitiligo BioBank network:
• Whole blood and serum: 870
• Hair follicles: 1,062

Number of associated data sets (patient records) stored or being transferred to the Vitiligo CloudBank:
• Unique: 2,834
• Including repeat visits: 3,117

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I support the petition to designate June 25 as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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