Funding FAQ

How do I know my application has been approved?
Successful applicants will be sent a letter of offer and VRF Grant Agreement. This Agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to the grant, including the applicant’s responsibilities with respect to insurance, reporting, ownership of materials and copyright.

The VR Foundation may advise that an application has been successful, but subject to the provision of additional information. This might include clarification of aspects of the application, provision of additional ethics or community clearances, or confirmation that the project can be completed where there is a significant difference between the amount sought and the amount approved.

Do you provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants?
The VRF will endeavor to provide constructive feedback to all unsuccessful applicants, as far as is practicably possible.  Grants eliminated at early stage are unlikely to receive detailed feedback but some indication will be given of the reasons for our decision.

Please note that the VRF does not support an iterative process of review and re-submission.  Funding decisions are not made solely on the basis of external reviewers’ comments and the VRF will not enter into any discussion regarding these.  The decision taken by the VRF’s Board is final.

Can I re-submit unsuccessful proposals?
It is acceptable to re-submit unsuccessful proposals to the next annual grant round.  Proposals should be revised in the light of reviewers’ comments and these revisions outlined in a cover letter.  Please note that re-submitted proposals will not be prioritized over new applications.

What costs  do you cover?
Typically, we cover:

a. Full Research Costs – costs of the R&D activity itself such as data collection, analysis, trial registration, dissemination of results, and the salaries of staff employed directly to carry out the research.

b. Partial Support Costs  – patient-related costs associated with the research that will end once the research activity has stopped.

What are your grant terms and conditions?
A copy of our standard terms and conditions can be found on the here.  Please note that the VRF reserves the right to make reasonable amendments at any time.

What level of publicity is required?
Publications and presentations containing research supported by the VR Foundation must always acknowledge the Foundation – a logo will be provided on request – and a copy of the paper or presentation should be sent to us at via email.  The VRF must be notified in advance so that preparations can be made for any possible media interest.

Does the VRF fund open access publishing?
The VRF believes that research findings should be freely available and disseminated as widely as possible. Therefore, it is acceptable to include in your grant budget a small allocation to cover the costs of open access publishing.

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