Dermaroller® use for vitiligo therapy

Derma Roller For VitiligoA derma-roller is a medical device that looks like a cylindrical shaped drum studded with very fine needles and is produced under several different names. It is used in micro needling to break through the outer skin barrier for a range of confirmed therapeutic effects, such as scar reduction and collagen induction. In a standard cosmetic procedure, the skin is cleaned and afterwards numbed with an appropriate de-sensitizing cream so it should not hurt at all. Then, skin is thoroughly needled about 15 to 20 times, and topical drug or cream may be applied immediately after that. Derma-rollers are safe to use on all skin types and all skin colors, unlike lasers. The inflammatory reaction of the skin is very short and fades significantly within hours from redness to pinkish that may last for 12 to 24 hours on average.

Presently, the original Dermaroller® is being tested for use in a combination vitiligo therapy and demonstrated excellent results, especially in hard to regiment areas such as hands and elbows. The results of the study will be published in late 2014 or early 2015.

Please note that Dermaroller® is classified as a medical device Class I in the US or Class II in Europe and Australia. According to the recent Warning Letter issued by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, derma-rollers are misbranded under several names and FDA categories, such as:

  • DermaStamp (needle length = 2.0mm, needle diameter = 0.12mm)
  • Home Dermaroller (needle length = 0.20mm)
  • eDermaStamp (needle length = 0.5-1.0mm)
  • Dermaroller Beauty Mouse Micro-Needling Roller (needle length = 0.20mm).

Derma roller® is currently prohibited for distribution in the United States but legally available in the EU and Australia. 

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