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Join us for a Live Facebook event with Erika Page from Living Dappled. We'll bust common myths about vitiligo and answer your most frequently asked questions.

Date: January 25, 2018 at 12 noon. 

Where: Facebook Live -

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FAQOther Questions

  • How can I explain vitiligo to my children?

    Vitiligo can be puzzling for a child because a person who has it isn't "ill" in a common sense.  To choose the right words to explain vitiligo diagnosis to a child, first consi...

  • PTSD in Vitiligo?

    Living with vitiligo often involves dealing with more than just skin changes. Many people with vitiligo face discrimination, social stigma, and isolation, which can lead to lowe...

  • How To Cover Vitiligo With Makeup

    In order to conceal vitiligo, three primary techniques are available: specialized makeup to cover skin discoloration, everyday makeup to hide the whitening of eyebrows, sur...