FoundationFinancial Information

Financial Information

We are commired to transparency in our financial reporting and the effective stewardship of our assets as mandated by our mission and by our Board of Directors.

How We Spend Your Money

We believe the most efficient way to finding a cure for vitiligo is by directing as much grants funding as possible to the best and most innovative researchers. The VRF Scientific Advisory Board identifies and evaluates evaluates the best targets for our funding, ensuring your donation has the greatest possible impact.

Annual grants awarded by the VRF allow scientists to pursue groundbreaking research leading to new insights into vitiligo origins, triggers and, ultimately, to new treatments. We support investigations with the potential for rapid clinical application and understand the importance of supporting projects in all stages of development. This enables VRF-supported researchers to generate the clinical data and biosamples necessary to leverage and secure additional funds from other foundations and government agencies.

Your Donation Dollars At Work

We have recently awarded these grants to help start or continue promising new vitiligo research projects. Not only do these grants promise to advance the understanding and treatment of vitiligo, but they are also critical to attracting and retaining the interest of top scientists. The grant program furthermore aims to promote public awareness of vitiligo and to disseminate accurate information regarding treatments and lifestyle choices.
  • 2022In Progress

    Pediatric and Adolescent Vitiligo Treatment Guidelines

  • 2022In Progress

    Vitiligo Patient Journey Map

  • 2022In Progress

    Vitiligo Library Grant program

  • 2021Completed

    Annual World Vitiligo Day Campaign

  • 2021In Progress

    Vitiligo Quality Of Life study across 100+ countries.

  • 2020Completed

    Most of the research activities put on hold due to COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 2019Completed

    Vitiligo Library Grant program

  • 2018Completed

    Vitiligo Quality Of Life study across 35 countries.

  • 2017Completed
    Vitinomics: Results of a 5-year study of self-reported patient outcomes
  • 2016Completed
    Massive collection of vitiligo patient self-reported data
  • 2015Completed
    Biobank Network
  • 2015Completed
    Clinical study of ozonotherapy efficacy and Dermaroller use for vitiligo treatment
  • 2014Completed
    Independent clinical study of Neovir for stopping vitiligo progression
  • 2014Completed
    Clinical study of Dermaroller efficiency in vitiligo treatment. Study of vitiligo stability time to relapse
  • 2013Completed
    Testing inhibitors of the IFN-γ-chemokine axis as new treatments for vitiligo
  • 2013Completed
    Isolation, characterization and differentiation of human dermal stem cells into functional epidermal melanocytes in vitiligo patients
  • 2013Completed
    CCR6 in the pathogenesis of vitiligo – a possible novel therapeutic target in vitiligo
  • 2013Completed
    Benvitimod cream for the treatment of vitiligo: a clinical and experimental pilot study
  • 2013Completed
    Extraction of Melanin from hair for making camouflage and pigment for tattoo
  • 2013Completed
    Triple combination treatment with fractional CO2 laser plus topical betamethasone injection and NB-UVB for stable vitiligo on extremities and/or bony prominences – a prospective, randomized half-body, comparative study
  • 2012Completed
    Vitiligo epidemiological and QoL studies
  • 2011Completed
    Immunopathogenesis of generalized vitiligo

Fundraising Efficiency

We’re committed to the highest degree of fundraising efficiency. Currently, over 85 cents of every donated dollar we spend is directed towards vitiligo research and awareness programs, rather than a future endowment.

Financial and Business Disclosures

If you have been kind enough to donate to us, please remember that we are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, your donation is fully deductible as a charitable contribution. Our tax ID # is 45-2498489.

To learn more about tax dedictible contributions see IRS Publication 526.

Form 990

The IRS Form 990 is the annual tax return that nonprofits in the US submit to the Internal Revenue Service. It provides detailed information about a nonprofit’s income, expenses and operational activities, allowing donors to evaluate how effectively the nonprofit is performing.