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As part of our Open Source Research concept, Master Classes give you the opportunity to learn about the latest vitiligo treatment techniques and tap into the knowledge of leading dermatologists, researchers, international opinion leaders, and executives from the VR Foundation.

Several times per year, we bring you important new topics to help you stay up to date with the best

management practices in vitiligo and pigmentary disorders. Expert speakers discuss the latest basic concepts, advances, evidence and guidelines. An intensive 2-3 day program is designed to help increase your confidence in diagnosis, investigation and management of vitiligo. It also stimulates experiential learning and direct contact with key opinion leaders in the field of dermatology, genetics, molecular biology and immunology.

Upcoming Master-Classes

June, 2018China
Master Class on Vitiligo and Pigmentary Disorders in China (June, 2018)Details will be available soon.
September 2017 to 2018Rome, Italy
Master Class on Vitiligo and Pigmentary Disorders in Pediatric Age in Rome, Italy (re-scheduled from September 2017 to 2018)Will be held alongside International Forum Of Pediatric Dermatology under the presidency of F. Arcangeli at Aula Magna, G.Marconi University, Odescalchi Palace in Rome.

Past Master-Classes

FAQOther Questions

  • What tests should be done?

    A well-trained dermatologist should be able to diagnose vitiligo and distinguish it from contact leukoderma or more than twenty other conditions with similar skin appearance bas...

  • Is there a traditional medicine to treat vitiligo?

    Traditional medicines may be helpful in chronic, metabolic, and stress-related conditions early in the disease manifestation, before extensive tissue and organ damage has occurr...

  • How can I explain vitiligo to my children?

    Vitiligo can be puzzling for a child because a person who has it isn't "ill" in a common sense.  To choose the right words to explain vitiligo diagnosis to a child, first consi...