FoundationMeet The Team

Meet The Team

  • Board of Directors

    Our Board of Directors brings the rigor and efficiency of the leadership into the vitiligo world.

    Our Directors are well-respected individuals with a diverse range of views, experience and knowledge. They are responsible for governing the VRF, establishing policy, setting priorities, and making final grant decisions. All Directors are unpaid volunteers serving staggered five-year terms, for a maximum of fifteen years.

    • Mr. Dmitry AksenovMSc, MBAFounder

      Mr. Dmitry Aksenov

      MSc, MBA

      Dmitry Aksenov established the Vitiligo Research Foundation in 2010, as a means of expediting vitiligo research across the world, to help his daughter and other families suffering from vitiligo.

      Dmitry is one of those people who started with nothing and became one of today’s most successful real estate developers. His incredible success becomes more impressive if we consider that he had a very rough childhood at Pripyat, now abandoned town next to infamous Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine.

      A patron of the arts, Dmitry is a Chair of the Board at the Viennacontemporary, a contemporary arts fair in Vienna, Austria. He is also the founder of the Aksenov Family Foundation and chairman of the Board of Directors of RDI Group.

      Mr. Aksenov is dedicated to the mission of the VR Foundation in preventing other families having to endure a similar battle with this distressing skin disease.

    • Prof. Torello LottiChair of the Board, co-founder

      Prof. Torello Lotti

      Professor Lotti is VR Foundation's co-founder and our top scientific advisor. He is a world-renowned vitiligo expert, a keynote lecturer at major dermatology meetings, visiting professor at several universities in his homeland of Italy and abroad, chairman and director of dermatology societies, and co-author of the book ‘Vitiligo: Problems and Solutions’.

      Prof. Lotti serves as a Full Professor and Chair of Dermatology and Venereology at the Gugliemo Marconi University in Rome. His principal scientific investigations are focused on the study of neuropeptides in numerous skin diseases, of plasminogen activators in autoimmune dermatoses and in lichen planus, and the clinical aspects and treatment of psoriasis vulgaris - with particular emphasis on new therapies with biological agents. Of particular relevance is his research on the pathogenesis and innovative treatments for vitiligo.

      Prof. Lotti is also an Honorary Professor of Dermatology at the China Medical University, Shenyang, and a New York Academy of Sciences Howard Fox Awardee & Lecturer.

    • Anvar Kalimov, MSc, MBA

      Anvar Kalimov, MSc, MBA

      Anvar Kalimov participates in VR Foundation activities since it's inception. Anvar brings strategy, operations, and program evaluation experience from a corporate to non-profit world.

  • Scientific Advisory Board

    Our Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading vitiligo researchers and practitioners, as well as experts in related fields, including genetics, immunology and drug development.

    The Board helps develop VRF's research agenda, evaluate grant applications, review progress reports, and articulate and communicate our vision and findings to the global scientific community.

    • Prof. Robert SchwartzChair of Scientific Advisory Board

      Prof. Robert Schwartz

      One of the America's foremost dermatologists, Robert Schwartz is Professor and Head of Dermatology at New Jersey Medical School. He is also Professor of Medicine, Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Professor of Preventive Medicine and Community Health at the New Jersey Medical School.

      Professor Schwartz has been elected a Member Honoris Causa of fifteen National Dermatologic Societies in Europe. He has lectured widely, including eighteen consecutive years on the faculty of the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, as a featured speaker dozens of dermatological congresses.

      He served as Chair of the VRF Scientific Advisory Board from May 2010 through December 2014, and was re-elected in 2018.

    • Prof. Andrew Alexis

      Prof. Andrew Alexis

      Dr. Alexis is the Director of the Skin of Color Center at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City.

      Dr. Alexis is a recognized authority in medical and cosmetic dermatology in patients with skin of color. He has been an investigator in numerous clinical studies, has widely published in the peer-reviewed literature, and is a frequent lecturer at national and international dermatology meetings.

      Dr. Alexis has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX television news programs and has been quoted in numerous leading publications, including the New York Times, Forbes, and Allure.

    • Prof. Ivana Binić

      Prof. Ivana Binić

      Prof. Dr. Ivana Binić serves as a professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Nis since 2005. She is also the head of the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases of the Clinical Center Nis, with a 30-year experience in the field and multiple peer-reviewed publications. She has been a member of all major dermatological associations in EU, including the International League of Dermatologists, the European Association of Clinical Researchers (EACR), the European Academy of Dermatovenerologists (EADV), the European Association of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology (ESCAD). She is an honorary member of the Association of Macedonian and Bulgarian Dermatologists.

      Dr. Ivana Binić is actively involved in vitiligo research and community support in Central Europe, and she became an honorary President of the World Vitiligo Day 2020 campaign.

    • Prof. Paulo Cunha

      Prof. Paulo Cunha

      Professor Paulo Cunha, MD held numerous titles in the field of Brazilian dermatology throughout his long career: Director of the Jundiai Medical School (1996-2000), First Secretary of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (2002), its Director of Library (2005-2006) and Member of the Commission's Specialists (1998-2005); a member of the Cooperative Group for Fogo Selvagem Research in Brazil and the United States. He has also been Medical Coordinator of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology Journal (2006-2012) and Secretary of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology board (2013-2014).

      He is well known for his unerring support for the vitiligo cause and he does incredible work with underprivileged communities, including with many Amazonian tribes - who have no access to medical care or dermatological services.

      Prof. Cunha is truly committed to bringing the best tools and techniques in the treatment of vitiligo and to fellow dermatologists and patients, organizing national master classes on vitiligo in 2013 and 2016, and serving as an honorary President of the World Vitiligo Day 2017.

    • Prof. Xing-Hua Gao

      Prof. Xing-Hua Gao

      Professor Xing-Hua Gao, MD, Ph.D specializes in the immunopathology and immunobiology of skin diseases. In particular, he is focused on atopic dermatitis, vitiligo and human papillomavirus infections of the skin.

      Since 2002 he has been serving as a Professor of Dermatology at China Medical University and since 2007 as a Professor and Chairman of the Dermatology Department at the No. 1 Hospital of China Medical University. He is a Member of many domestic and international committees and societies and serves as an editor of several journals.

      World Vitiligo Day 2015 campaign headquarters were located in Shenyang, China, under the presidency of Prof. Gao. His team coordinated activities of thousands of volunteers, as well as 30+ major hospitals receiving vitiligo patients and holding education events.

    • Dr. Srie Prihianti Gondokaryono

      Dr. Srie Prihianti Gondokaryono

      Dr. Srie Prihianti Gondokaryono is a Vice President in International Affairs at Indonesian Society of Dermatology & Venereology, and a past Chairperson of the Indonesian Pediatric Dermatology Study Group (2017-2020). She is also a Board Member of Asian Society of Paediatric Dermatology (ASPD), with an extensive clinical experience in pediatric dermatology, allergy-immunology, and cosmetic dermatology, including vitiligo and pigmentary disorders.

      Dr. Gondokaryono served as an honorary President of the World Vitiligo Day 2021 campaign.

    • Prof. Andy Goren

      Prof. Andy Goren

      Professor Goren has over 20 years of experience in the development and commercialization of breakthrough technologies in the medical and biotechnology fields. Among the list of many firsts in dermatology, Prof. Goren was the first to develop a series of clinical genetic tests androgenetic alopecia, the first to discover epigenetic markers predicting anti-androgen therapy response in female androgenetic alopecia, the first to develop a clinical acne vulgaris antibiotic response test based on P. Acnes bacterial genomics, and the first to develop a rapid test for predicting minoxidil response in androgenetic alopecia.

      Prof. Goren currently serves as a Professor of Dermatology at the University of Rome “G.Marconi”, Italy; a visiting Professor at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Clinical Hospital Center Sestre Milosrdnice in Zagreb, Croatia; a visiting Medical Doctor at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, L.T.M. Medical College Sion in Mumbai, India; and the Global Medical Director of Hairmore Group in Beijing, China.

      His company Applied Biology has developed Photocil for vitiligo self-treatment. This patented cream blocks harmful spectrum of the direct sunlight, and allows patients to use the sun as a temporary substitute for phototherapy.

    • Prof. John Harris

      Prof. John Harris

      Dr. Harris is a tenure-track Associate Professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) in Worcester, MA.

      Dr. Harris directs the Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center at UMMS, which incorporates a specialty clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with vitiligo, as well as a vitiligo research laboratory. He uses basic, translational, and clinical research approaches to better understand autoimmunity in vitiligo, with a particular focus on developing more effective treatments.

      He has authored multiple research publications and textbook chapters on vitiligo and other topics and serves on a number of advisory boards and committees, including the Dermatology Foundation, Skin of Color Society, Vitiligo Working Group, Vitiligo Research Foundation, National Alopecia Areata Foundation, American Academy of Dermatology and the New England Dermatology Society, among others. He is an advisor and collaborator with multiple pharmaceutical companies, including AbbVie, Combe Inc, Genzyme/Sanofi, and Pfizer.

    • Prof. Jana Hercogova

      Prof. Jana Hercogova

      Prof. Jana Hercogová, MD, PhD held many respectable titles throughout her academic and clinical career: President of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (2012-2014); Vice-President of the Czech Laser Society (since 2008), Secretary-General of the Czech Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (since 2012); Vice President of the European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology (since 2010); President Elect of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (2010-2012); Executive Committee Member, Communication Committee Chair, of the International Society of Dermatology (since 2009); International Fellowship Mentor International Society of Dermatology (since 2009); International Committee Member Women´s Dermatologic Society (since 2009), and International CommitteeDonne Dermatologhe Italia (since 2005).

      Dr. Hercogová has extensive clinical trial experience in onychomycosis, acne vulgaris, dermatitis atopica, psoriasis vulgaris, chronic urticarial, herpes labialis, and wound healing. She has a large library of published research and lectures, including seven books, 30 chapters, 178 journal articles, and 235 invited lectures.

      An honorary President of the World Vitiligo Day 2016, Dr. Hercogová is an active member of the international vitiligo community.

    • Dr. Aliya Kassymkhanova

      Dr. Aliya Kassymkhanova

      Dr. Aliya Kassymkhanova has been actively involved in vitiligo research since 2004, and is one of the longest serving VRF Scientific Advisory Board members. Dr. Kassymkhanova published over 20 papers and received two patents for vitiligo treatments. A tireless patient advocate, Aliya chairs the Vitiligo School - a local patient education and support group she founded in 2005.

      Formerly the Head of the Physiotherapy Department of the Regional Dermatovenereology Center of South Kazakhstan, she moved to Nur-Sultan (Astana) to continue serving vitiligo patients at the capital city.

    • Prof. Mark Lebwohl

      Prof. Mark Lebwohl

      Past-president of the American Academy of Dermatology, Prof. Lebwohl leads one of the most renowned dermatology programs in the nation. Under his direction, extraordinary recruits in medical dermatology have developed safer, more effective therapies in skin cancer, psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, and many other dermatologic diseases.

      He is professor and chairman of the department of dermatology at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Lebwohl is president of the New York State Society of Dermatology and has served as president of the Manhattan Dermatologic Society and chairman of the Dermatology Section of the New York Academy of Medicine. He is also a member of the Medical Board of the National Psoriasis Foundation.

      Mark Lebwohl has authored or co-authored over 500 publications including articles, chapters and abstracts, including the leading book on dermatologic therapy, - Treatment of Skin Diseases.

    • Prof. Konstantin Lomonosov

      Prof. Konstantin Lomonosov

      Prof. Konstantin Lomonosov directs the Vitiligo Clinic Center at the 1st Medical University in Moscow, Russia. He uses basic, translational, and clinical research approaches to develop effective therapeutic protocols for vitiligo, with a particular focus on drug repurposing. One of a very few vitiligo specialists in Russia, he serves on our Scientific Advisory Board since 2011.

      He has authored over 150 scientific publications and numerous textbook chapters on dermatology, including vitiligo. Prof. Lomonosov is currently a consultant to the Medical Center of the Russian Presidential Administration, the scientific director of the venereal branch of the skin diseases clinic at the Moscow Medical Academy and a member of specialized dissertation councils. In addition to ongoing treatment activities, he is actively engaged in teaching and patient support.

    • Prof. Silvia Moretti

      Prof. Silvia Moretti

      Dr. Silvia Moretti is Professor of Dermatology at the University of Florence, Faculty of Medicine, Italy.

      Professor Moretti's research has largely focused on skin diseases such as skin cancer (particularly lymphoma and melanoma), immune-mediated skin diseases and pigmentation disorders like vitiligo. Using immuno-histochemical and ultrastructural methods integrated with cellular and molecular biology and cell culture, she has focused on translational studies designed to identify the stages of tumor progression and to clarify the causes of the pathogenesis of skin diseases. She has participated in international multi-centre studies on skin diseases within this field.

    • Prof. Jorge Ocampo-Candiani

      Prof. Jorge Ocampo-Candiani

      Prof. Jorge Ocampo-Candiani MD, is Chairman of the Dermatology Department at the University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey in Mexico. He is a member of 18 national and international societies. He is a board member of the International League of Dermatological societies, an International Board Observer of the American Academy of Dermatology, past President at the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and past President of the Mexican Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

      Dr. Ocampo-Candiani is author of 130+ articles in national and international journals, author of thee books and numerous publications on the media.

      An active member of vitiligo community, Dr. Ocampo-Candiani serves as a honorary President of the World Vitiligo Day 2022.

    • Prof. Davinder Parsad

      Prof. Davinder Parsad

      Prof. Parsad is an internationally recognized expert on vitiligo. Dr. Parsad is a Professor at the Department of Dermatology, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) in Chandigarh, India. His main area of research and clinical practice is the pathogenesis and treatment of vitiligo, with over 100 papers published on the subject.

      Dr. Parsad is the President of the Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research, Coordinator of the Asian region for the World Vitiligo consensus group and a Council Member of International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies. He is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the founding director of the Vitiligo Academy of India and a member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists. In addition he has received many international awards and fellowships.

      Davinder Parsad was the honorary President of the World Vitiligo Day 2014, with over 225 vitiligo patients receiving medical help at the campaign headquarters in Chandigarh on June 25th.

    • Prof. Mirna Situm

      Prof. Mirna Situm

      Prof. Šitum is a leading Croatian and most frequently cited author in dermatooncology and psychodermatology, with over 200 scientific papers and numerous other publications in this field. Since 2000, she has been the Department head of dermatovenereology at the Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Center in Zagreb.

      Prof. Šitum is the founder of two Croatian Vitiligo Centers, as well as the Croatian Vitiligo Biobank, and an active member of the World Vitiligo Day campaign coordination committee.

    • Prof. Richard Spritz

      Prof. Richard Spritz

      Professor Richard Spritz is a world-renowned vitiligo researcher, who recently retired from Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Program at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to focus on his car racing hobby and family affairs. Yet, he still serves as an Emeritus Professor at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

      Over the past 25 years, his laboratory has characterized many different disorders of pigmentation, including albinism, piebaldism, and vitiligo, as well as related autoimmune diseases. Most recently, Professor Spritz organized and carried out several international genome-wide association studies, involving thousands of vitiligo patients, thereby identifying at least 50 different genes with susceptibility to vitiligo.

    • Prof. Andrija Stanimirovic

      Prof. Andrija Stanimirovic

      Prof. Andrija Stanimirovic serves as a full time Professor of Dermatology & Venereology at the University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia, and as a Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor, Slovenia. He sees vitiligo patients at his own private office in Zagreb.

      Professor Stanimirovic is the President of the Croatian Vitiligo Association, and national manager for the annual World Vitiligo Day campaign.

    • Prof. Nguyen Van Thuong

      Prof. Nguyen Van Thuong

      Prof. Nguyen Van Thuong, MD is a Director of National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology and Head of Dermatology and Venereology Faculty at Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam. He carried out research and published extensively on pigmentary disorders of the skin, including vitiligo.

      Prof. Thuong served as an honorary President of the Word Vitiligo Day 2019 campaign themed “The Quality of Life of a Vitiligo Patient.”

    • Prof. Nino Tsiskarishvili

      Prof. Nino Tsiskarishvili

      Professor Nino Tsiskarishvili is a Founder and President of the Vitiligo Association of Georgia. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Tbilisi State Medical University in 1977, and Associated Professor of her Alma Mater since 2003, she has been actively involved in dermatological research and teaching and has published over 120 papers and two monographs.

      She is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal 'South Caucasian Dermatology and Venerology News' and several other journals, an active member of the Georgian Association of Dermatovenerologists and EADV. Clinical work of Profsessor Tsiskarishvili is focused on pigmentary disorders and vitiligo.

  • Patient Advisory Board

    Meet the patient leaders who are collaborating with VR Foundation to coordinate educational activities and better serve international vitiligo community.

    • Valarie MolyneauxPresident & Founder of VITFriends (USA)

      Valarie Molyneaux

      Valarie Molyneaux, President & Founder of VITFriends (USA) is the Chair of the VRF Patient Advisory Board.

      Valarie is known for wearing many hats: a women's prayer group leader of 10 years, a recently retired kindergarten teacher of 20 years, and a community activist of 30 years. She has accomplished a tremendous amount in raising vitiligo awareness and bringing people together since she started the VITFriends vitiligo support group in Boston, MA back in 2004. The group has since expanded to multiple locations across the country, including NY, CT, NC/SC, IN, DE, MN, and DC. One of Valarie's most impressive accomplishments was leading the World Vitiligo Day celebrations in the US, which took place at the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. in summer of 2016.

      Since then, she has organized many regional VITFriends' conferences, lobbied in Washington for research funding and public awareness, and coordinated a pen pal program and the distribution of children’s books about vitiligo.

    • Abigail HurrellCharity Director of the Vitiligo Society (UK)

      Abigail Hurrell

      Abigail Hurrell, Charity Director of the Vitiligo Society (UK)
      Adrian Mar, President of the Vitiligo Association of Australia

    • Natalya NekipilaFounder of the Ukraine's Vitiligo Community

      Natalya Nekipila

      Natalya Nekipila is a professional journalist, news editor at the radio station and a founder of the first Ukraine's vitiligo community "Others."

      Наталя Некипіла - Спільнота вітиліго в Україні «Інакші»

    • Ogo MaduewesiExecutive Director VITSAF (Nigeria)

      Ogo Maduewesi

      The Founder and Executive Director of the Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF) was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 10. After going through the phases of confusion and mistreatments, Ogo started holding support group sessions to help others with their skin condition, which later become known as VITSAF.

      The first Vitiligo Awareness Day or Purple Fun Day - what it was called then - was brought to life by Ogo Maduewesi and VITSAF members at Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria, on June 18, 2011. Early next year, VR Foundation and VITSAF joined forces to start the World Vitiligo Day campaign.

      While traveling around the world to speak on awareness around the chronic skin disorder, Ogo continues to educate others about vitiligo through fundraisers, awareness campaigns, radio and TV shows, in her home country and across Africa.

    • Adrian MarPresident of the Vitiligo Association Australia

      Adrian Mar

      Dr. Adrian Mar is the Head of the Department of Dermatology at Monash Health, an Adjunct Associate Professor at Monash University and is in private practice in Moonee Ponds in Melbourne.

      The Vitiligo Association of Australia (VAA) was founded in September 2010 for patient support, public education and the promotion of research into vitiligo within Australia. President of the Vitiligo Association of Australia, Dr. Adrian Mar is also a co-founder of the Vitiligo Clinic at The Skin and Cancer Foundation in Melbourne, and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD).

    • Jean-Marie MeurantPresident of the French Association of Vitiligo

      Jean-Marie Meurant

      Jean-Marie Meurant is President of the Association Française du Vitiligo (French Vitiligo Association, AFV), Co-Founder and President at Vitiligo International Patient Organizations Committee (VIPOC), and President of Fédération Française de la Peau (French Skin Federation).

      Jean-Marie has served as the President of AFV since 2013 and has grown the organization into a vibrant association well known in France. AFV hosts sessions for patients, creates bulletins, runs awareness campaigns, provides telephone counseling, and organizes an annual conference for vitiligo patients from all over Europe.

    • Jorge Luis PerezPresident & Founder of VITAmigos (Cuba)

      Jorge Luis Perez

      Prof. Jorge Luis Pérez Hidalgo is President & Founder of the Vitiligo Support and Research Group (better known as VITAmigos) based in Holguin, Cuba.

      Since 201, Prof. Pérez Hidalgo has been actively involved in the strengthening of vitiligo community across the Caribbean and Latin America. He organized VRF's XXIII Master Class in Cuba in 2017. He is a health promoter and coordinator of the Cuban Dermatology Patients Community, and takes part in vitiligo research projects.

      Apoyo mental y emocional para personas con vitiligo y familiares.

    • Lee ThomasFounding member of the VStrong (USA)

      Lee Thomas

      Lee Thomas is an Emmy Award-winning television broadcaster and Hollywood journalist that has covered the media industry throughout the entirety of his career.

      As a long-time spokesperson for vitiligo, Thomas has continually lent his best efforts to support education and awareness efforts regarding the disease. He is a founding member of the VStrong Vitiligo Awareness Community based in Detroit, MI. His TED talk, “How I help people understand vitiligo” has gained over 2 million views since its original publishing date.

      Lee has been through a 25-year journey to accept his ever-changing skin and to thrive in it. In his book “Turning White: A Memoir of Change,” Thomas details his battle with vitiligo and how he was able to master the difficulties in his life.

  • Management Team

    Our management team are qualified individuals with a diverse set of skills who are working for a common cause – to find a cure for vitiligo and make a difference in the lives of vitiligo patients.

    • Yan ValleExecutive Director MSc, MBA

      Yan Valle

      Yan lives with vitiligo since early childhood, and is keenly attuned to the journey that many with this condition have experienced. He is managing the VR Foundation day-to-day activities since it was established in 2010.

      Yan has led a number of major initiatives for the VRF including creation of the World Vitiligo Day campaign, engagement with the United Nations and Arab Council, development of the dedicated bio-IT environment and Vitiligo Patient Journey Map. Through his proactive approach, Yan is demonstrating a different way of managing this focused-research organization, with a stronger drive to value.

      An Invited Professor, Yan has also been involved in multidisciplinary research at Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi in Rome, Italy since 2014.
      Connect with Yan on LinkedIn

    • Alina DickeyProject Manager, Volunteer

      Alina Dickey

      Following a distinguished career in law, Alina has worked with an array of charities, government organizations and NGOs around the globe, as well as founding and managing the highly-acclaimed NoBorders Art Gallery in Hong Kong.

      Through friends, she became acutely aware of the detrimental impact of vitiligo and is now committed to raising awareness and seeking a cure for this disease. She joined our team in 2014 and has been instrumental in many high-impact activities.

    • Philippe DelesalleIT Manager, Volunteer

      Philippe Delesalle

      Phil is responsible for design and implementation of our online projects, aligning product development with present and future market trends. Phil’s professional career has taken in everything from marketing to IT and he has more than a decade of experience in designing and programming scalable networking and analytic solutions. He is a developer of cloud-based services, mobile apps, and most recently, smart city solutions and is well-versed in running a dispersed IT technology business involving virtual teams and collaboration groups.

    • Sandra ReeseSocial Media Manager, Volunteer

      Sandra Reese

      Sandra has helped to set up and manage our Twitter and Instagram accounts, working tirelessly to advance knowledge and raise awareness for vitiligo, since 2015. Sandra majored in Communications at the State University of New York College at Cortland, and follows her passion in marketing and social media.

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