Events - 21 Apr 09:00VIPOC Conference 2022


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Vitiligo International Patient Organizations Committee (VIPOC) is excited to release its ‘Save-The-Date’ for in-person VIPOC Conference 2022.

This typically biennial event will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from Thursday, April 21st through Saturday, April 23rd, 2022. Due to the COVID-19 vaccination rates and safety protocols in place, organizers feel confident in holding the in-person conference and sharing this save-the-date announcement.

In the coming weeks, VIPOC will be distributing additional information regarding registration, travel and accommodations, keynote speakers, and sponsorship opportunities.



Wednesday April 20th 

Afternoon - Arrival, welcoming cocktail and diner hosted by, the Dutch Vitiligo Patient Association

Thursday April 21st - Patient leader’s day


  • Presentation of the Vitiligo patient groups delegates 
  • Best practices and awareness initiatives
  • Group discussion: role/place of patient organizations in study and medical processes


  • VITAL project : presentation, patient organization involvement – Q&A
  • New roles and tasks for patient organizations in drug approval process, European Medicament Agency view
  • Group discussion: advocacy targets and objectives for the next two years
  • Summary of the day

Friday April 22nd - Industry day 

Morning - Scientific presentations

  • Physiopathology
  • New findings in vitiligo
  • Burden data
  • New vitiligo Guidelines 2022


  • Vitiligo pipelines
  • Clinical trials (closed, ongoing, forecasted)
  • Future : New drugs
  • Access to data and explanation of the resultsPatient organizations involvement in cure process

Saturday 23rd  - Pharma day

Morning : Working groups with Pharma industries

Afternoon - Cultural understanding of arts (Rijksmuseum visit), visit of Amsterdam

Evening - official VIPOC conference closing dinner




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FAQOther Questions

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