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World Vitiligo Day 2014 Rock With Us

Help us mark World Vitiligo Day on June 25 as a date to be observed annually by the United Nations and member states.

This year campaign headquarters will be set in Chandigarh, India. More about World Vitiligo Day >>>

June 19: World Vitiligo Day media campaign kicked-off in Balkans, Central Europe, with a documentary including interview of Prof. Stanimirovich to Nova TV.

June 22: A street play regarding myths on vitiligo will be organized at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh, India, at 6.30 pm.

June 23: Meeting of Croatian Vitiligo Association at the University of Applied Health Sciences, Mlinarska 38, Zagreb, Croatia at 1 pm.

June 24: World Vitiligo Day booth is organized at the Congress of the Russian Society of Dermatovenerologists by the Russian Vitiligo Society. June 24-27, 9 am - 6 pm.

June 25:

  • INDIA: A full day of activities in Chandigarh, starting at 10 am in Bhargva Auditorium at PGI.
  • USA: Luncheon and fundraiser with Lee Thomas will be hosted by the South East Michigan Vitiligo Support Group in Detroit.
  • NIGERIA: A vitiligo fashion runway by VITSAF (download poster, see photo to the right -->)
  • RUSSIA: Free vitiligo check-up at the Vitiligo Clinic of the Moscow Beauty Institute;  in collaboration with City Prefecture Arbat.
  • UK: Walk in London around the Rotherhithe Peninsula is organized by the Vitiligo Society (UK)
  • BRAZIL: Meeting of the Faculdade De Medicina De Jundiai and Prefeitura de Jundiai at FMJ R. Francisco Telles, 250, Vl. Arens, at 4.20 pm (announcement, pdf)
  • GEORGIA: Meeting of the Association of Vitiligo of Georgia and documentary on vitiligo featured on national TV. 
  • LATVIA: Free vitiligo check-up at Clinical Centre of Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Riga Hospital #1. 
  • KAZAKHSTAN: TV interviews, lectures, luncheon and free check-ups at Vitiligo Clinic of the Regional Dermatovenereology Center of South Kazakhstan in Shymkent.

June 28:

  • UK: World Vitiligo Day picnic in Regent's Park, London, at 12:00 noon, hosted by the Vitiligo Society UK
  • KAZAKHSTAN: Lectures, free check-ups at the clinic Yassumi, open-air picnic with Jazz Band show and buffet from JQ-Bar chef, starting at 1 pm (download flyer)
  • USA: 'We Love Your Spots', first Annual Vitiligo Aweareness walk in New Jersey, at Eastside Park in Paterson. 10 AM (flier, jpg

More dates and locations are coming soon, stay tuned! Browse World Vitiligo Day photo gallery on Instagram >>>

Check the World Vitiligo Map for location info and contact details.

Photo below: Vitiligo Society Kenya is getting ready for the celebrations. 

World Vitiligo Day 2014 Kenya Preparations

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