News - 16 Sep `21🎙 The Current State of Vitiligo Research


For roughly 15 years, Prof. John Harris, MD, Chair of Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center at the University of Massachusetts Medical School has been intensely studying the pathogenesis of vitiligo, and working on potential treatments.

In this 30-min audio interview with Dr. Brad Glick from HCP Live, Prof. Harris provided insight into his decades on research of inflammatory skin disorders. He also offered an in-depth analysis on the most recent data surrounding vitiligo, and promising new therapies involving topical steroids, JAK inhibitors and more.

Audio - Vitiligo - John Harris



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      • How can I cure vitiligo?

        There is no cure for vitiligo, but there are a number of effective treatment options that can be discussed with your GP or dermatologist. The aim of treatment is to stop new pat...

      • Are there any famous people with vitiligo?

        Many celebrities have dealt with vitiligo while remaining in the public eye, maintaining a positive outlook, and having a successful career. Here are a few courageous famous peo...

      • Who is prone to vitiligo?

        Scientists know that some people are genetically predisposed to a specific group of autoimmune diseases – including generalized vitiligo – but do not know who and why.It doesn’t...