News - 26 Apr `16Insurance companies rage war on vitiligo


A non-profit health provider from New York, Emblem Health (including GHI and HIP) is no longer providing reimbursement for vitiligo phototherapy treatments. However, it will consider on a case-by-case basis reimbursement for 'excimer laser treatment confined to areas of the face, neck or hands only, with an additional caveat of a 'documented failure of adherent 3-month trial of both: i. high-potency (Class II steroids) ii. Protopic.'

CIGNA, a global health insurance provider, is not providing reimbursement for ANY phototherapy for vitiligo (UVB or laser) since 05.15.2015. From CIGNA's unique point of view, 'such treatment is considered cosmetic and not medically necessary'. Read our FAQ on insurance coverage for vitiligo treatments here