News - 06 Mar `15Latest in vitiligo research: 51 papers reviewed and summarized in 9 pages.


Our free quarterly review of the latest in vitiligo research is now available for download. Fifty one papers published between October and December, 2014 were thoroughly reviewed, summarized and referenced in nine pages for your convenience. Start with Highlights or Download now.

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      • Will it spread?

        Vitiligo activity may vary considerably from person to person. In a good number of patients the disease goes on for 3-4 years and then it settles down, with one or two stubborn...

      • Isn't it just a cosmetic disorder?

        Contrary to popular belief, vitiligo is not a cosmetic disorder but a systemic disease affecting the largest body organ and other vital systems, with multiple comorbidities. Fo...

      • What tests should be done?

        A well-trained dermatologist should be able to diagnose vitiligo and distinguish it from contact leukoderma or more than twenty other conditions with similar skin appearance bas...