News - 16 Nov `20Vitiligo Is Covered By Tufts Insurance, Again


News update from Boston: VITFriends reports a reversal of Tufts Insurance (MA) decision to stop covering doctors' visits related to vitiligo. We'll follow-up with more details as soon as we hear more. 

Menawhile, here's our short guide to vitiligo insurance matters.


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      • What causes vitiligo?

        Surprisingly, the causes of vitiligo are yet to be precisely established. Researchers know the cause is pre-wired in your genes, just waiting for a bad luck moment. In about hal...

      • Can chemicals cause vitiligo?

        It’s important to remember there are multiple factors involved in vitiligo onset, including genetic predisposition, living and working environments, and exposure to certain chem...

      • How long does it take to treat vitiligo?

        Treatment results will vary by person and type of vitiligo. The rule of thumb is that you will need to allow at least 3 to 6 months before you begin to see results from any trea...