News - 16 Nov `20Vitiligo Is Covered By Tufts Insurance, Again


News update from Boston: VITFriends reports a reversal of Tufts Insurance (MA) decision to stop covering doctors' visits related to vitiligo. We'll follow-up with more details as soon as we hear more. 

Menawhile, here's our short guide to vitiligo insurance matters.


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      • Can Ginkgo Biloba help with vitiligo?

        Ginkgo Biloba seems to be a simple, safe, inexpensive and fairly effective therapy for vitiligo. It is mostly effective in halting the progression of the disease. It can also sp...

      • Can chemicals cause vitiligo?

        It’s important to remember there are multiple factors involved in vitiligo onset, including genetic predisposition, living and working environments, and exposure to certain chem...

      • Polypodium leucotomos as an adjunct treatment for vitiligo?

        Extracts of the tropical fern Polypodium leucotomos appear to have beneficial properties for the vitiligious skin. Polypodium leucotomos (also classified as Polypodium aureum) a...