News - 16 Nov `20Vitiligo Is Covered By Tufts Insurance, Again


News update from Boston: VITFriends reports a reversal of Tufts Insurance (MA) decision to stop covering doctors' visits related to vitiligo. We'll follow-up with more details as soon as we hear more. 

Menawhile, here's our short guide to vitiligo insurance matters.


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      • Is there a traditional medicine to treat vitiligo?

        Traditional medicines may be helpful in chronic, metabolic, and stress-related conditions early in the disease manifestation, before extensive tissue and organ damage has occurr...

      • Is vitiligo contagious?

        Vitiligo is NOT contagious. It cannot be passed on or caught from touching someone with vitiligo, shaking hands, swimming in the same pool, sharing towels, sitting next to someo...

      • Shall I take vitamin D for my vitiligo?

        In Brief Vitamin D plays a central role in the prevention of different inflammatory and chronic diseases. Consuming 1,000–4,000 IU (25–100 mcg) of vitamin D3 daily should be id...