News - 21 Nov `15Vitiligo is going mainstream: fashion and video games.


Only a multi-million fashion conglomerate could afford to challenge taboos on issues like vitiligo and bring them to the mainstream, CNN reports . An insanely popular video game FALLOUT 4 now helps fight vitiligo stigma. In this version, which was sold in 12 million copies in its first 24 hours on the market, characters can have vitiligo to make their unique appearance (YouTube )

Fallout 4 Video Game Vitiligo

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      • Will it spread?

        Vitiligo activity may vary considerably from person to person. In a good number of patients the disease goes on for 3-4 years and then it settles down, with one or two stubborn...

      • Is it possible to stop the progression of vitiligo?

        It is true that vitiligo progression could be stopped in 4 out of 5 cases by the use of potent systemic corticosteroids - that is, oral medications. However, systemic corticost...

      • Vitiligo and hearing loss: any connection?

        In short, NO. Recent research shows no relationship between a degree of skin depigmentation and hearing loss severity in vitiligo patients. The results of this study showed tha...