News - 12 Sep `19Vitiligo Library Grant program announcement


We are excited to announce Vitiligo Library Grant program!

VR Foundation regularly provides free books to help fill bookshelves of vitiligo support groups and activists. We donated from a single signed copy to large quantities of books to nearly such 100 recipients around the world.
The newly established Library Grant program is designed to provide libraries across the nation the occasion to build up a collection of books focused on the needs of people with disabilities.
The program goal is to promote public awareness of vitiligo and to disseminate accurate information regarding this rare skin disease. We’ll give readers of every skin color – or no color at all – an opportunity to feel confident about their health condition and to make positive lifestyle choices.
Our Library Grant consists of:
-      up to $500 in paperbacks or ebooks published by VR Foundation or affiliated authors, and/or
-      up to $500 in cash to be used toward the purchase of the books published by independent authors.
VRF will select up to three libraries per year to enhance their service to children and families affected by vitiligo.

We will be accepting applications for the Library Grant Program 2020 beginning September 12, 2019. Grants requests are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed within one month. 
VRF awards grants only to organizations that have been designated as having tax exempt status according to the IRS Code Section 501(c)(3), or its equivalent for educational institutions, including public libraries. 
To see if you qualify for the program, please contact us at 

Feel free to email us with any other question regarding how you might best use our Library Grant program: we are happy to help!


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