News - 26 Jan `19Vitiligo model and author empowers young girls to confront their insecurities head on.


Vitiligo model and author Iomikoe Johnson, 38, from Louisiana discusses the racist abuse she receives for her skin condition in the interview with the Daily Mail. 

A sexy grandma of three beautiful kids has risen above racist jokes from bullies and online trolls to become a successful vitiligo model. Moreover, she uses them as a fine example of how not to treat others. 

Iomikoe was inspired by Winnie Harlow to look up to herself as she was coming to terms with her skin condition. In the video she says, "Sometimes I walk down the street and it makes me feel like there is a big spotlight on me".

After 12 years of this transformational change, Iomikoe has written a book "The Spotted Girl Who Empowered the World." It talks about a young girl who got vitiligo in her freshman year of going to high school. Iomikoe hopes to help other young girls with vitiligo to confront their insecurities head on so that their confidence can grow despite what social media or the internet dictates as being beautiful. The book will be available on Amazon this March. 

Watch this emotional video or read the full story.


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