News - 26 Dec `18Vitiligo News turns 5 today. Hack your mind before 2019. Happy Holidays!


Do you know how in Star Wars, the Jedi could say something and whoever was listening would instantly believe it? Well, it's the same way with our minds. And now it is a perfect time of the year for a quick brain fix. 

You can literally hack your mind into getting what you want out of life. All you have to do is visualize thoroughly a new "normal reality" and let your mind make it happen. That's true, just ask Aiesha Robinson, 29, from Montreal in Canada.

Aeisha was diagnosed with vitiligo ten years ago and driven by bullies to the brink of suicide. At some point she even had a knife in her hands, but her brother talked her out. Now Aiesha appears on billboards in New York city for fashion brands and helps people with vitiligo through her non-profit organization. Aiesha's ambitions seemingly follow Winnie Harlow's footsteps, who is the best known fashion model with vitiligo: 'It is my dream to walk the runway at New York and Paris fashion week,' she said in a recent interview. Aiesha is one of brave vitiligans who shows that 'there is a future' for people with vitiligo.

I constantly search the web, take people out for coffee, or get them on the phone for matters that may pique your interest. Yet, my mere observation of the vibrant vitiligo world must, of course, be accompanied by the profane art of huckstering. We need to raise funds to make sure 'there is a future for vitiligo people.' I would like a more artistic approach of selling other than “grab an ebook for a price of your morning coffee.” However, that is not how the world works and I am nothing if not a realist. I am profoundly grateful to all of our readers for buying our books and for tolerating our fundraising campaigns. But even if you don’t buy our booksor donate to a good cause, I urge you to share our newsletters with your  vitiligo friends and colleagues. 

Back to your brain hack: start living as if 2019 version of your life is your current reality. Take control of vitiligo in your mind. Make decisions based on your next year goals right now. Our current reality doesn’t matter as much as we'd like to think. It's where we're going that matters. And we're all going in the year 2019 in a few days. So why wait? 

I wish you Happy Holidays and hope 2018 finishes well for you and 2019 becomes your best year ever.

Yan Valle